US Gov’t Runs Medicare

Um, the US government runs Medicare. Pass it on.

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  1. That’s just scary. Not only that they think this, but that their civics education seems to have failed them so egregiously.

  2. I was contemplating those who think the Government should stay out of Medicare, (in response the recent poll question) and notwithstanding the valid criticisms of the poll question and the various possible interpretations of the question and responses, it perhaps pointed out our deficit of a well educated and informed citizenry.

    What occurred to me (again, as this is not the first time) is; why would those who want/need power and wealth even want a well educated and informed citizenry?

    If one wanted to run things and have their way with whatever, a population of dumbass citizens that can be distracted by bread & circuses and this month’s latest must have iGadget, would suit your needs better, no? A population that is more interested, accustomed, or prefers, an emotional engagement and response to policy options would be easier to lead by the nose. Framing issues as an ‘US vs. Them’ contest has always been successful with people more interested in their side ‘winning’ then in getting problem resolution.

    If one wants to turn the government into a conduit for funneling citizen’s taxes into one’s pocket, you don’t want people asking questions. So, starve human services, including education, to keep the masses busy with necessities, like paying medical bills, and support war machines & ethanol so your investments go up.

    Democracy requires enlightened self-interest; enlightened self interest requires a literate and critical thinking population. So to prevent a literate and critical thinking population, fight school reform, fight health care reform, fight anything that would allow citizens to see past tomorrow and keep them busy with surviving today.

    It’s not about small government vs. big government. It’s about our government vs. MY government.

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