CDM Leaves Tri-Ess

As of today, Chi Delta Mu, the Tri-Ess chapter of the tri-state area, voted to leave Tri-Ess and become an inclusive & independent trans group.

At issue were the chapter’s non-compliance on three major required items: (1) that the local members be due-paying members of national; (2) that the group keep its focus on providing “support and education on behalf of heterosexual crossdressers, their spouses, partners and families”; and (3) that the local chapter file a financial statement with national.

From what I know, CDM hadn’t done (3) in a long while, hadn’t been (2) in a long while, and (1) that most of its members were not members of national.

From what I understand, there was nothing contentious going on – just National asking the local to respect its rules of the charter, and the local realizing that their group had evolved in such a way that becoming compliant again wasn’t going to work for them as a group.

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  1. Not where some of the older trans people are now or in the future either.

    Keep an eye on Chi Chapter in Chicago.

  2. Helen,
    Thank you so much for posting this. It would seem like the “House Cleaning” may be picking up speed since I’ve been contacted by 2 other chapters in the last 48 hours who are now or feel they will in the very near future be put in the same posistion as CDM found itself. Looks like things are getting interesting.

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