Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy

Honestly, this is the way I feel about Obama being president: and within the LGBT community especially, as if I’m surrounded by people who can’t give it a minute to get back from space. In five months: Lily Ledbetter funding… Continue Reading

Sexism & The Trans

On the Issues magazine has been around a long while, and over its history has published some very cool writers. Today I’m pleased to have joined the list, with an essay called “How a Feminist Found Her Sexism” for their… Continue Reading

Updated RSS

My RSS feed apparently changed with the last WordPress update.

#EA Fail

I’ve been Simming for nine years – played TOS (The Original Sims), Sims 2, & now Sims 3. I was even one of those people who test-piloted TSO (The Sims Online) because they apparently had my name on a list… Continue Reading

Wordle: Trans Partner Essay

This is a Wordle of a recent essay I wrote about having sex with a trans person. You can make your own at www.wordle.net.

GRS: No State Obligation

In an article posted on Law.com today, this news: Federal Judge Says State Not Obligated to Pay for Sex-Change Surgery. Western District of New York Judge Charles J. Siragusa in Rochester ruled that Morgana Ravenwood’s constitutional rights under the 14th… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Love & Rockets

These songs still sounds so stunningly good to me. & They are great to play loud while driving. If you’re us they are, at least.

WI’s Blues

I received a missive from Fair Wisconsin Thursday morning about the lawsuit three board members of Wisconsin Family Action filed to challenge the constitutionality of the recently enacted domestic partnership protections. Here’s the wording that blew my mind: Fair Wisconsin… Continue Reading

Lady Painter & Hunger Striker

An old friend of mine wrote a cover article for the Times Literary Supplement about the first hunger striker, Marion Wallace-Dunlop. What interesting about his research is that it’s not about her alone, but about the way she understood media… Continue Reading

Bowery Poetry Club – Tomorrow / Sunday

Tomorrow, Sunday, July 26th, at 6PM I’ll be reading my piece “Cat of Nine Tale” at the Bowery Poetry Club along with other contributors of the summer issue of Global City Review. The issue is called Nothing is Simple. I… Continue Reading

Kumar: Indian Drag Queen in Singapore

Kumar is an Indian drag queen who works & lives in Singapore. A documentary about hir was broadcast in 2006 that’s found its way to YouTube. Here’s Part One, Part Two & Part Three and you can see hir do… Continue Reading

Jim Collins Foundation (Info & Fundraiser)

A new organization called the Jim Collins Foundation has come into being; its goal is to provide financial assistance to transgender people for gender-confirming surgeries. From their website: The Jim Collins Foundation recognizes that not every transgender person needs or… Continue Reading

The Great Wind Chime Incident

Our Endymion has a thing for paper bags with those twisty paper handles. He invariably needs to know what’s in the bag and gets his big head & body wrapped up in the handles, leading to him panicking and running… Continue Reading

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Needs Health Care

Please show your support for President Obama’s efforts to fix healthcare in this country.

In Defense of Autumn

Autumn Sandeen used to cull stories for the Transgender News Yahoo Group; she’s been blogging for forever, and not long ago became a key poster and moderator at Pam’s House Blend. Recently, people have given her holy hell for shutting… Continue Reading

From a Child of a Trans Parent

This is B.’s reaction to the Chloe Prince documentary that was on the other night. Since I’m a partner, & have a soapbox from which to talk about my reaction as a partner, I thought I’d open my blog to… Continue Reading

Blog Stuff

Just FYI, because of the recent spamming of the RSS feed and other technical errors, we’ll be doing a lot of tech overhaul of the blog in the next couple of days. It it acts funny, that’s why.

Alcohol Poisoning

I’ve been drinking. Sadly, it was a lot of the same old same old: cursory interest in parent, partner, & children. The kids were adorable. The wife was determined. The father was exhausted. Multiple shots and references to surgery, instead.… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Elvis Costello

There are really way too many to touch his insanely long & cool career, but I think I’ve got at least some of his range in here. & A Very happy 50th Bday to my sister Jeanne, who took me… Continue Reading