MJ, Again

& Then there is the issue of whether Michael Jackson was trans or not. I don’t think it’s anything we can know, but it wouldn’t have surprised me, or Betty, if he had announced a transition at some point.

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  1. He was obviously not comfortable in his own skin. I think the male/female dynamic in him is one of the things that made him so powerful; there’s no one I can think of who was “in charge” and powerfully (small “m”) masculine as he was a performer.

  2. I think MJ was a tortured, transgendered soul who knew that transition would probably ruin his career. What made it worse was the money and the compulsion to feminize his bodily appearance to the point of suggesting pre-op intention, but never finding the strength to cross to the other side where he longed to be. As we know, this “never” land drives so many to substance abuse and suicide—the latter being what I believe will be the judgment of MJ’s final act.

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