Advocate Screws It Up

JD Freeman of the Alabama Gender Alliance sent me a copy of a letter he wrote to The Advocate:

Dear Editor –

Regarding this article:

Here you have a self-identified transgender person, and you have refused to honor that person’s affirmed gender, making the bigoted editorial choice to call Kimah a man and to apply the masculine pronouns “he” and “him”.

You should know better. How are we to achieve liberation when our own publications mistreat us?

It’s time for me to renew my subscription. Guess you don’t need my money after all.

I’m copying GLAAD. Clearly, you need to re-read their media guide. I’m also copying NCTE and every major trans blog.

You owe Kimah an apology.

J D ‘Ox’ Freeman
Alabama Gender Alliance

4 Replies to “Advocate Screws It Up”

  1. Since the pronouns in the article are now correct, it looks like The Advocate did a bit of editing. I hope they did a bit of learning too. Good on J D Freeman for calling them on it, and good on you for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Advocate has inded changed some pronouns from the original…which I screen captured for comparison before I complained.

    However, they continue to refer to Kimah as a man, and have her chosen name in quotes. Both are violations of the GLAAD media standards for defamation against transfolk.

    They need to do better still. And they need to start apologizing.

    J D ‘Ox’ Freeman
    Alabama Gender Alliance

  3. In two rounds of quiet editing that have occurred online following my letter of complaint, Advocate has now altered their original article into something approaching the acceptable. Kimah is no longer referred to as a man. Feminine pronouns are used. Her chosen name is no longer in quotes.

    I have screen captured both the before and after on this article.

    They did not change the date online to reflect any of the revisions, and they have yet to acknowledge me directly. Nor am I aware of any public acknowledgment or retraction. Nor am I aware of any private apologies, to anyone.

    Thank you all for helping me to bring some sunlight to this bigotry. I have learned that it is an effective disinfectant. Thank you for any behind-the-scenes support you might have lent that I might not have been aware of.

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