KRXQ Does the Right Thing

This morning, Rob & Arnie & Dawn of KRXQ radio talked about transgender youth with Autumn Sandeen (of Pam’s House Blend) and Kim Pearson (of TYFA).

Veronica has the links up of the original comments and has this mornings show up in three audio files.

A local (to the radio station) blogged about it too.

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  1. I got a letter from the station manager announcing this show, and how the discussion was going to enlighten the community about transgenderism, ostensibly with Rob and Arnie learning along with the rest of us. At first I thought, “oh, cool, they get it.” And then, on second thought, I realized, “no, they don’t get it.” And then I wrote back to the station manager that no, the community didn’t need enlightening; it was already enlightened which is why it immediately hammered your station.

    The issue isn’t that the community is unenlightened. It’s that Rob and Arnie are unenlightened. To wit, they’re unhip. They’re dinosaurs. Neanderthals. We don’t have to enlighten the community about feminine men, we have to enlighten the community about its epidemic breeding of violence-prone masculine men who prey upon all feminine souls. –Mitz

    “Femininity is not a crime.”

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