Dick Don Rumsfeld

WaMo has an article about Rumsfield & Katrina that won’t surprise anyone who was paying attention. What it does, however, is point up exactly how much of a f***head he was.

After the president had returned to the White House, he eventually convened a meeting in the Situation Room to discuss the government’s response. Bush barked, “Rumsfeld, what the hell is going on there? Are you watching what’s on television? Is that the United States of America or some Third World nation I’m watching? What the hell are you doing?

When Dubya is frustrated by your willful inaction, you are a Grade A f***wad.

NYS Needs GENDA (& Your Help)


We need your help pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), a bill that would make it illegal in New York State to fire someone, evict them, or deny credit or admission to school solely based on their gender expression.

On April 21st, 2009 the NYS Assembly passed the GENDA bill for the second time, 97-38.

Now the NYS Senate needs to hear from voices all across NYS that GENDA matters and needs to come to the floor for a vote before the end of session on June 21st. If you sign up, you will be notified of when you need to call your senators.

France Depathologizes Transsexualism

Saturday’s edition of the French language newspaper Le Provence headline:

Transsexuality will no longer be classified mental illness in France

and the article explains why France has now become the first country to depathologize transsexualism.

English translation is now online.

Very, very interesting and good news on the eve of the APA conference in California, where protesters will be gathering to protest the GID diagnosis.

Int’l Day Against Homophobia

It’s the International Day Against Homophobia, a campaign that tries to enlighten people to the fact that LGBT people are not just white or Western and that in fact, there are LGBT people of every race, color, and creed.

NYS Same Sex Senate Vote

Fivethirtyeight.com has done a breakdown of the possible same sex marriage vote for the NY Senate. Basically, there are probably 20 definites, & then a bunch of solid Nos, & then a bunch of undecideds. If your rep is on this list, CALL HIM OR HER RIGHT AWAY.

Even if these people aren’t your reps, you should call them & tell them to vote YES & stop embarassing the good residents of NYS by being so ass-backwards, already.

55. James Alesi, R-Upstate (East Rochester) link

1. Kenneth LaValle, R-Long Island (Port Jefferson) link
2. John J. Flanagan, R-Long Island (East Northport) link
3. Brian X. Foley, D-Long Island (Blue Point) link
4. Owen H. Johnson, R-Long Island (West Babylon) link
8. Charles Fuschillo, R-Long Island (Merrick) link
13. Hiram Monserrate, D-NYC (Jackson Heights) link
15. Joseph Addabbo, Jr., D-NYC (Ozone Park) link
19. John Sampson, D-NYC (Brooklyn) link
27. Carl Kruger, D-NYC (Brooklyn) link
36. Ruth Hassell-Thompson, D-Westchester (Williamsbridge) link
40. Vincent Leibell, R-Westchester (Patterson) link

6. Kemp Hannon, R-Long Island (Garden City) link
24. Andrew Lanza, R-NYC (Staten Island) link
45. Betty Little, R-Upstate (Queensbury) (conflicting reports suggest opposition and that she’s ‘within reach’)
49. David Valesky, D-Upstate (Oneida) (officially undecided; constituent e-mail hints at opposition)
57. Catharine Young, R-Upstate (Olean) link


When you come home & you get to see this first thing, life just seems a little less sucky.

Air America Podcast

In case you missed it.

Air America Interview

Welcome to any listeners from Air America who are popping over here after my interview on Nicole Sandler’s show. Here’s a link to the article by Jenny Boylan from the NYT.

I’d like to reiterate that the trans community, for the most part, is very, very invested in making sure same sex marriage becomes legal everywhere. For couples like us, & other (trans) couples unlike us, it would bring a huge collective sigh of relief.


The article itself is kind of teh suck, but the comments are interesting.
A young boy who acts in a feminine way isn’t a faggot; he’s a sissy.

Still, it’s interesting to see a conversation about male genders from another community’s POV.

Air America Live

I’ll be on Air America Live tomorrow, 12:15 PM EST, talking about my unusual marriage, & yes, there is a live feed.

(Thanks to Jenny Boylan for the opportunity!)

The Big 40

Well then. Honestly, what do you say? My parents and my siblings must feel *really* old today, since I’m the youngest of the family.

But as my dad always said, it’s not like the only other option is any good, so you may as well grow old.

Thanks all for the lovely gifts and well wishes and your support in these recent years. To 50! To Cronedom! (I am glad that we get to do this milestone together, at least. Having the same bday as your partner is sometimes annoying, but this year, it’s a relief.)

Two Tune Tuesday: Boys With Pretty Voices

Get a playlist!

Recent Interview

While I was in Milwaukee, I did an interview for a local paper and entirely forgot to mention it. It’s a little more recent then a million others I’ve done, so it might answer some questions about what the hell I’m doing in WI & other mysteries of life. (I especially love the bit about how my “writing exudes a Midwestern no-nonsense practicality.”)


It’s damned pathetic that same sex marriage isn’t a done deal in NYS yet, but senators are still waffling? Get with the program, folks. You’re on the wrong side of history. (via Queerty)

PSA for the Gay in Singapore

I liked it.

Moms Like Hir

Nice interview with a genderqueer mom on Bilerico today.

Happy Moms Day

A very happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there – male, female, or otherwise.

& To our own two, of course. As May babies, we have always shared the week with our moms, and sometimes even the day itself (when the 13th lands on a Sunday).

Turning 40

In a few days, we’ll turn 40. People have asked if there’s anything in particular we want, which is sweet.

So here’s the list:

Or you can just wish us a happy 40th in the comments below!

Ashley Altadonna

When we were in Milwaukee, we were interviewed for a documentary called Making the Cut. I’m told Julia Serano was, too, when she was there recently as well. The film is being made by a young woman who is trying various ways to raise funds for her own genital surgery, and is in the process raising awareness about the financial issues behind changing genders legally.

Worthy project, no? On top of that, she’s made some other cool films. To help her out, you can make a donation via PayPal via her website, or you can buy another cool short film of hers, or you can pass this message on via Facebook or other social networking sites.