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Posted by – May 28, 2009

Fairfax High School elected a male student Prom Queen.

Tom Ackerman, a gay man, has vowed to call his friends’ wives their girlfriends, because he’s decided his religious views don’t allow him to recognize opposite-sex marriage.

The New Scientist tells you everything you ever wanted to know about female ejaculation (& maybe a few things you didn’t want to know).

A woman named Brenda Lee got dragged bodily off of Air Force One when she tried to give President Obama a letter asking him to stand up for heterosexual marriage.

Publishers Weekly reports from the BEA that US Publishers have vowed to fight digitized piracy.

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  1. VivaZoya says:

    The Brenda Lee story pisses me off. She had no freakin business even ATTEMPTING to get on Air Force One – what was she THINKING???

  2. VivaZoya says:

    And Tom Ackerman is onto something, I LIKE IT!

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