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  1. Illinois is behind as well, in fact only has a civil union bill in the hopper, not even talking marriage.

    I got an email at work on it today, as I work for an agency that is an arm of a major protestant denomination, and they support the bill. Interesting email.

    “The end of the Spring session of the Illinois General
    Assembly is approaching. There is a good chance that
    we can pass the civil union bill before the end of the

    The civil union bill is on its third reading in the
    House which means it can be voted on at any time.
    Equality Illinois’ full lobbying team is in Springfield
    putting together the votes necessary for the passage of
    the bill. But we need help. Even if you have done so
    before, please call, write or email your state
    representative and urge a yes vote on HB 2234.
    The Tribune, Sun-Times and Daily Herald have all
    strongly urged the General Assembly to pass this
    legislation now. Over 160 Illinois clergy from a
    wide range of denominations signed a letter to the
    General Assembly urging a yes vote on this bill.

    And, the Equality Illinois lobby day brought
    Illinoisans from every part of our state to the
    State House to speak with legislators.
    But, our legislators still need to hear from you

    Opponents of fairness and decency for all Illinoisans
    have bombarded our legislators with anti-civil union
    calls and letters. Our legislators need to hear from
    fair-minded Illinoisans in greater numbers.
    We are on the threshold of passing legislation to
    recognize and protect same-sex couples.

    Please contact your legislator today. It will make all
    the difference.

    To contact your state representative through the
    Equality Illinois Action Alert messaging system, go to:
    Send this message to your family, friends, coworkers
    and associates around the state, urging them to contact
    their representatives also.”

    I’m glad to see a major denomination supporting equality, but why Illinois is only pursuing civil unions rather than civil marriage is beyond me.

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