RIP Dr. George Tiller

He was a brave man, an abortion provider in Kansas who’d been shot before, had his clinic bomed. Mike Hendricks of the Kansas City Star pretty much sums up how he was murdered, & by whom. I’ll have more to… Continue Reading

ENDA 2009

Here’s a Washington Blade article about Barney Frank which discusses his opinions on this year’s efforts to get a gender-inclusive ENDA passed: Frank said transgender activists and allies have been lobbying lawmakers to support the gender identity provisions, and he’s… Continue Reading

Tops & Bottoms

Now you can decide which city to live in based on whether you prefer being on the top or on the bottom.

Five News Stories

Fairfax High School elected a male student Prom Queen. Tom Ackerman, a gay man, has vowed to call his friends’ wives their girlfriends, because he’s decided his religious views don’t allow him to recognize opposite-sex marriage. The New Scientist tells… Continue Reading

Dear Abby

Check out this answer by Dear Abby (now known as Jeanne Phillips!) about whether or not a woman should tell someone about another person’s trans gender. Well done, Abby. I’m wondering when we can work this out as a Right… Continue Reading

The Always-Hip OED

Really: it’s my favorite book. This year they’ve added a bunch of new terms muggle n. In the fiction of J.K. Rowling: a person who possesses no magical powers. Hence in allusive and extended uses: a person who lacks a… Continue Reading

Superhero Betty

How sweet is this? Ron Hogan is interviewed by The Undomestic Goddess and names Betty his super-hero! That so rocks.

Prop 8 Decision Rallies

I’m looking forward to Iowans being smug toward Californians about how backward they are. But in the meantime, you can go to a rally in a town near you.


Today at noon the CA Supreme Court will hand down its decision about Prop 8, & I’m nervous. The wrong decision is going to set off rallies all over the country, which is a good thing, but therer is so… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: The Damned

In honor of them playing in NYC last week, when I *wasn’t there dammit* here’s some tunes from The Damned, who threaten retirement every couple of years. I’ve seen at least two Farewell tours, maybe a decade apart, at places… Continue Reading

Delara Darabi’s Life

It’s a heartbreaking story of a young woman who decided to take the rap for a murder for her older brother because they both thought she was young enough not to be executed for it. She was. But the question… Continue Reading

Remember Them as Soldiers

What bugs me about this NPR story about a Civil War soldier is that the people who live in the town Albert Casher, nee Jennie Hodgers, are embarrassed by who s/he was: Dina says some residents believe that embracing the… Continue Reading

Map the Fallen

Thanks to MHB boardie Viva Zoya, I’ve found Map the Fallen – an online tool to track where the soldiers who have died were from. There’s also a cool Twitter campaign in honor of the recently fallen.

Sex Resources for Trans Women

Today’s Feministing “Ask Professor Foxy” column is from a trans woman who can’t find good sex resources for her. I’ve made a few suggestions, but maybe you all know other good places to check. So far I’ve recommended: the sexuality… Continue Reading

Childhood Toys

The Fisher-Price “Little People” turned 50 this year. I didn’t even know they were still around, but I probably didn’t recognize them if and when I did see them in stores. I loved ’em. The castle was my favorite, with… Continue Reading


Jude suggested an LOL Cat treatment of the photo below? Any takers? You don’t have to do the graphics – just provide the text.

Big Eyed Boy

Yes, Aeneas is the one with the heart condition, and he tends to startle easily.

Partner Protection for Wisconsin!

Please sign this petition in favor of domestic partner protections for Wisconsin! It looks like they will be voting on it toward the end of the week.


The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) has been passed by the Assembly and has enough support to be passed by the Senate. Get on the phone and call the lead Senate sponsor Tom Duane and your Senator to tell them… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Happy Birthday Dad

My dad turns 81 today, & this is some of the stuff that he listened to, & that I loved right from the start (Hampton) or had to learn to love over time (Sinatra). I grew up in a family… Continue Reading