Sir, Check In Please

I just got “sirred” by the lady checking people in at the special Sleeping Car Passengers Only Amtrak Waiting Room. There’s free beverages, even. She corrected herself as soon as I turned my head, so I suppose it was just the buzzcut and my 20th Century newsboy cap.

So I’m in Chicago. & What I’ve realized I like about trains is you can feel the traveling. Instead of just being one place & then being in another, I get to see the countryside change, along with the industries, and homes, and malls. (Far too many malls, if you ask me.) Not only that, but you get to say hey to friends who live in the city you’re passing through when you’ve got a couple hours layover.

Yep. Love trains.

3 Replies to “Sir, Check In Please”

  1. I love trains too; must try riding one for a long distance while sober, sometime. “sir”, huh? I think it’s your confident, take-no-prisoners vibe….

  2. OK, next time I get “sir”ed, I’ll try to keep this incident in mind and not feel so bad. 🙂

    I have made a train trip longer than New York to Boston, but I liked that ever so much better than flying. I wish I had more opportunity to travel by train. I agree, it’s nice to feel that you’re really going somewhere and to see things on the ground as you do.

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