Peeing, Again

Have you all seen this latest iteration of trans + feminist(ing) + bathroom issues? Oy, it makes me tired. Here’s what I had to say about it four years ago.

Some days I just want to apologize to all the trans people who I ardently needed to talk to about bathrooms when I was working this stuff out, so let me: sorry, all of you, and thank you for educating me when it wasn’t your responsibility.

In the meantime, Gunner Scott has started a new blog about trans people + bathroom experiences, and he put up a sample at TGB (& info about how to send him your own stories, too).

2 Replies to “Peeing, Again”

  1. It’s tiresome, to the point of not going to those blogs. Frankly the same arguments have gone around for a long time. I’m tired of saying the same things, over, and over, and over….

  2. I’ve read all those threads; there’s a new one at Feministing, at http://community.feministing.c.....why-c.html, called “TransFeminism/CisFeminism: Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

    Unfortunately, this kind of derailing of threads ostensibly about trans people and their issues goes on all the time. Not every thread like that needs to turn into Trans 101 for non-trans people.

    There are times when I think trans people do have an obligation to undertake a certain amount of “education” about transness and trans issues — like with a non-trans partner. And other times when it’s in their own best interest to do so, as with an employer. But on a major feminist blog, in a thread about an important trans-related issue? I don’t think so.

    Still, at least most of the people who post there are at least nominally trans-friendly (even if it is just on the surface, or lip service). It’s better than reading the crap spewed by the people who post, say, on the MWMF boards. (Which I look at only when I’m depressed and feel a need to torture myself further.)


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