Sir, Check In Please

I just got “sirred” by the lady checking people in at the special Sleeping Car Passengers Only Amtrak Waiting Room. There’s free beverages, even. She corrected herself as soon as I turned my head, so I suppose it was just… Continue Reading

Intermodal Travel Day

I’ve made it back to Milwaukee again, but this time I’m just passing through the Intermodal Terminal – how great a name is that for a train/bus terminal? – right now utilizing the free wifi and waiting for my train… Continue Reading


I’m not one & I don’t understand them, somehow like a teenager who doesn’t understand the boys or girls he ogles. They are a mystery: a perfect, empowered, complicated mystery. I have had, like so many tomboys and masculine spectrum… Continue Reading

15 Minutes (of Shame)

I really don’t want to think about the disaster that will be the Susan Stanton documentary on CNN, but now there’s a snippet released and it’s worse than I feared, the same documentary in which she says, and I quote,… Continue Reading

Hate Crimes Vote Today

Call your reps now and tell them to vote YES on the Hate Crimes Act – HR 1913. NCTE has a ton of info up that you can use when you call, and the number to call is 866-346-4611.

Swine Flu Tweet

Something I tweeted at Ron Hogan last night is getting re-tweeted a bunch. He orginally tweeted: Ah, Seth Godin: “More people are killed by deer than sharks, but you don’t see park rangers running around like nutcases.” to which… Continue Reading

NYC Air Scare

Thank you, Brian Williams. The point he made tonight on Olbermann — that 9/11 was 10 minutes ago to the people who experienced it first-hand — is only too true. I have no doubt that tons of people are upping… Continue Reading

Fair Pay Day

Tell the Senate to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.


Westboro Baptist Church is going to Boston on an anti-Semitic, homophobic rant. King of astounding, but you know? I can hear Allen Ginsberg laughing: Song The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude, under the burden… Continue Reading

Poland’s Transgender Activist History

I love the idea of gathering individual countries’ histories with trans activism. Here’s Poland’s, written by Wiktor “Latarnik” Dynarski (as far as I can tell(. Has anyone seen / written / compiled ones about other countries?

Gave Him an A

Republicans are flooding this MSNBC poll and giving Obama straight Fs. Give him the grade you think he really deserves.

Help Vicki Marlane

via Susan Stryker: Michelle Lawler is producing a documentary film about Vicki Marlane, a 74-year-old transsexual woman who is an amazing drag performer, and who still puts on two shows a week at Aunt Charlie’s Lounge in San Francisco’s Tenderloin… Continue Reading

RIP Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur died today. We shared a birthday, and we shared being the butt of jokes about masculine women and women with facial hair and women who prefer comfortable shoes, but she did that on the national stage, and for… Continue Reading

Zapata Family Statement

The Zapata family has their say: From me to them: God Bless all of you for stepping up and speaking with such love about your kid sister. We can only hope that your sister’s death will help the rest of… Continue Reading

Spanish Language Trans PSA

I don’t read/speak Spanish myself, but was sent this by someone who does: Surprising campaign, under the auspices of the (Chilean goverment’s) Division of Social Organizations (they provide grants and help to NGO’s) and the communications division of the Metro… Continue Reading

For Milwaukee

We had a great time in Milwaukee this past weekend: a gathering of LGBT people on Saturday night, a sex workshop at The Tool Shed on Sunday, and then a workshop on gender variance Monday afternoon followed by a 7PM… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: It’s Peter’s Fault

My friend Peter used to make me mixed tapes that had really interesting juxtapositions – so interesting that some of them I’ve remembered them for a long while. I actually don’t know if these two were next to each other,… Continue Reading

Ausperger’s: Girls Express Differently

I admit that this article really weirded me out, not becuase it’s a surprise that the medical commuity has failed to understand or diagnose Ausperger’s in girls particularly because their symptoms present differently (as the same for true for many… Continue Reading

Peeing, Again

Have you all seen this latest iteration of trans + feminist(ing) + bathroom issues? Oy, it makes me tired. Here’s what I had to say about it four years ago. Some days I just want to apologize to all the… Continue Reading