Approximate Transition Costs (MTF)

I had a friend who transitioned a few years ago put together a list of the approximate costs. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Uncovered therapy (primary therapist–until surgery date): $2000
  • Uncovered therapy (second therapist–Randi Ettner): $450
  • Orchiectemy: $2000
  • HRT (uncovered amount until surgery): $600
  • Electrolysis (up and down god damn it): $17,000
  • Genital surgery & breast implant surgeries (round one): $25,000
  • Round 2 of surgeries: $2500

Estimated total not covered by any insurance: $49,550.

Costs not included:

  • voice (dvd)
  • entire new working wardrobe
  • moving out and setting up new apartment
  • legal fees for name change
  • eating awful hospital food for a week.

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  1. Of course, my costs aren’t anywhere near complete, but the one that I have different is that none of my hormones, blood tests, or T-related doctor visits are covered, and those come to about $5k a year (for 2.5 years, at this point).

    My electro has been less, but also face only. (And I’ve been getting a lot of it free. I let the new electrologists train on me.)

  2. Gender Clinic Fees: $1100 (rest covered by insurance, got me two letters)
    HRT (uncovered amount until surgery): $400
    Electrolysis: $12,000
    Genital surgery (round one): $7,500
    Round 2 of surgeries: $1200
    Estimated total not covered by any insurance: $

    Costs not included:

    voice (dvd)
    entire new working wardrobe
    moving out and setting up new apartment
    legal fees for name change
    eating awful hospital food for a week.

  3. It seems to be fairly resonable, relatively speaking. I’m stuck in the male, and secret tranny dual life, and I’m so sooo sick of it. I’d have to relocate to a different part of the USA to be able to transition, and be able to have real breast implants, and live as a female fulltime. I’d be eager to do it if I had a GG wife or significant other who was supportive and enjoyed having me as a shemale lover. Does anyone else only have the desire to dress up completely when they are with a GG? I don’t know why, but I have no desire to dress or even wear anything feminine at all when I’m alone, but when I’m in a relationship with a GG I have feelings for, I get the strongest desires to dress up. I’m really sick of feeling like I’ll end up alone forever if I don’t stop wanting to be dominated, and or made to dress up when I do have a GG/f. I honestly wished I’d been born a woman because I have lived a tortured life as a lesbian trapped in a mans body. I have fought depression, rejection, descrimination, and I have seen a few women that I loved dearly and trusted with my secret, only to have them later betray my trust, and even say some of the most cruel things you could ever dream of. I’m a sweet loving man with a huge heart of gold, and have always tried to be so good to everyone else, I just wished I could get the same treatment in return.

  4. Hello Hotllegs! I very much relate to your dilemma as a 66 year old professional still in a male role until I am done with my main career (I will always find something to do.), which will be a few more years. My other predicament is that I have a 16 year old teenage son living with me who doesn’t know (but may suspect) my true identity. I still love to dress up, which desire only gets stronger the longer I am on estrogens. My nights at home in my bed are my special place to be Colleen and feel all the sensations that go with that. I love my nights.!i spend 5 minutes in the morning savor int my true self before getting ready for my male day. My special loss is a recent divorce from a woman who supported Colleen and tried to help her be all that she could be. What she couldn’t do was support my necessary continuing life in my male role. What sweet misery it was to experience true perfect fulfillment as a lesbian woman with her, but have to leave her because she couldn’t support the other part, which grows less day by day. I am really looking forward to fully coming out in a couple of years, and I can tolerate the patience that is required because there still is so much to learn (I just started transitioning two years ago.) I enjoy the learning process and actually need the time to nurture and make strong my new identity. As my body goes through its changes, more and more people will come to suspect or know what is going on, and that is not only ok, but desirable. I learn how to face the world one person at a time. What is most important to me is to honor the journey, to be straight about who I am, and to let close to me only those who embrace Colleen. With this I am loving my future. I wish you the grace to love your own process as well. With warmest empathy, Colleen

  5. Susan’s transition costs
    Orchi $3000
    FFS $30,000 + 10 days hotel and food: about at least a $1000
    SRS $10,000; Travel $1,200, Food for a month $300, (Bangkok)
    Electrolysis $10,000 includes travel and hotels
    Hair transplant $10,000
    Breast augmentation $5,000
    Therapy (2 years at least) $7,000 + hotel rooms 3 times a month–approx. $5,000
    Total $81,500 +/-
    That was out of pocket expense. I did not have any insurance coverage. I sold my airplane for $89,000 to pay for it. I haven’t flown since. After I turned 65 my medicare paid for a big part of my therapy, but by then my body-mods were all done.

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