Here I Am GH

Aeneas on the coffee table where I frequently grade papers, re read texts, and watch Law & Order. & Eat. In other words, Aeneas as usual near my center of attention.

Law & Order: “Transitions”

Law & Order‘s show tonight is about a trans teenager who is accused of attacking her father who insists she’s a boy and is trying to get custody of her from her mother.

9:59 PM definitely sympathetic. hopefully indicative of a sea change. still problematic in some ways, but pretty damn good for within the context of a police procedural.

9:57 PM crying.

9:54 PM history, violence, genitals.

9:52 PM oy.

9:51 PM hooboy. non trans advocate of trans youth loses her mind.

9:48 PM the kid can ACT. (& he’s from Poplar, WI.)

9:46 PM wow. sympathy for the loved ones of the trans person who don’t get it! & also the anger & frustration & sadness of the trans person, too.

9:39 PM getting worse. & worse than that. fast.

9:34 PM hooboy. weird turn. righteous trans youth activists who knock off pharmaceutical companies.

9:27 PM hrm. so far so good. inaccurate information, sure, but so far sympathetic. nearly an after-school special.

(Was a) Contender

I got a phonecall today, just moments after Betty finished talking to my Trans Lives course. It was a woman from A Room of Her Own Foundation <start holding breath>, who wanted to talk to me about my application for the $50k grant that they offer yearly.

She wanted me to know that I was among the top 6 finalists this year, and that the committee were very impressed with my work and hoped that I would keep writing.

& Then she clarified that I was in the top 6 finalists but had not won it. </end holding breath>

That close. Yes, I am happy to hear I was in such esteemed ranks. They received 750 applications, & someone who is better at math can tell me what percentage I made it into as one of the top 6. My name and my work will be featured in all the publicity materials about the award, and that’s cool too.

But wow. $50k. That close nearly hurts.

Still, I am incredibly pleased to be recognized as – well, as a contender.

Two Tune Tuesday

Lately I’ve been listening to music again. I’m not sure why except that Betty isn’t around a lot so I can poke through more of the weird stuff I tend to like. Or maybe it’s because she got so happy about discovering The Killers lately, while I’ve been gloomily humming along with Devotchka or mumbling, guiltily, that damn Beyonce song that glues itself to your head & will not come unglued.

But either way I thought it might be nice to do a “twofer” on Tuesdays after putting together that little Cramps sampler on Saturday. I’m not going to make any rules, like it has to be two by the same band, but sometimes it will be. & It won’t always be old, or always new, or always anything but two songs I think you should maybe hear.

I really did always want to be a DJ.

So this is more than two. But it’s XTC. & Two is not enough.

Get a playlist!

& A very happy birthday to my lovely mom & my nephew Greg!

Oppressed Christians

Has anyone else seen this video? It’s unbelievably paranoid, no?

I’m not sure what part of “your religion stops where my government starts” they don’t understand. They can say anything they want, and usually do. What they can’t do is fire someone for being homosexual, or censor television whose morality they don’t approve of. That’s it. They just don’t get to control shit for the rest of us. But they are perfectly free to avoid watching shows with gay characters, they don’t need to go to same sex weddings, etc. etc.

I’m never going to get this kind of “I don’t get to control you therefore I’m oppressed” type of thinking.