Best of Cramps / Happy Valentine

Since people have asked, here’s a few of the best Cramps songs… okay, my favorites. & The last one is just – well, why not?

Get a playlist!

I have to dedicate the 4th song to my dad. He was driving me somewhere – probably to a shop called Slipped Disc where I bought a ton of music when I was a teenager – and he was humming along with this track until he stopped and said, “is that really what they’re saying?” and promptly changed the station. (For the record, Slipped Disc sold all the great 80s punk & new wave I loved, including all the other crap that went with being a fan: calendars, buttons, patches, picture discs, t-shirts, books… all of that stuff. For anyone who’s been to Record Runner in the West Village, Slipped Disc was kinda like that. With a lot of metalheads.)

So Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Make yourself a cocktail, put on those big fuzzy slippers & dance to these tracks. Round out the evening by watching some godawful B-movie. Eat some cheese out of a can. Really, it’s good for you, once in a while.


Wow I have been busy, only finding out today, care of Penny on the MHB boards, that Lux Interior died this past week. He was half of the band The Cramps, well-loved punk rock psychedelic rockabilly band.

Yes, that all goes together.

RIP, Lux. & May your heaven be paved in gold lame.

This is them doing “What’s Inside a Girl?” (which was one of my favorite tracks):

Freedom to Marry

This week Freedom to Marry is featuring a ton of guest bloggers talking about marriage equality, and my post goes up today at 1PM.

It’s both a pleasure and an honor to be given the chance to say something in support of full marriage equality for everyone.Do go read tons of the posts this week, & direct your friends and family and community members to do so, too.

If you don’t feel convinced, or even if you do, watch this:

“Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.


If you really need a good cry, just watch an episode of Animal Planet’s Underdog to Wonderdog. Jeez louise. Children & families & poor abandoned critters who bring each other new life. Totally goober show, but charming as all hell.

(I’d love a cat version, of course, but cats take a lot longer to adjust to new situations. Maybe they could use a time-lapse camera.)

Face Up


The woman suffered a traumatic injury several years ago that left her with no nose, palate, or way to eat or breathe normally. In a 22-hour procedure, 80 percent of her face was replaced with bone, muscles, nerves, skin and blood vessels from a dead donor.

It was the fourth partial face transplant in the world, though the others were not as extensive.

How cool is that? I can’t imagine what it might mean to look in the mirror after that surgery, but then lots of people have extensive plastic surgery on their faces for various reasons. I’m so not the type to do that, so maybe that’s why this blows my mind, considering what it’d feel like if I had to.


(edited 2.7.09 because i completely underestimated the reaction people would have to it, & did an injustice to the sensitivity of the topic in the way i wrote about it. i will, at some point, when i’m feeling less cranky about it, try again to explore the idea.)

(edited 2.19.09 because i respect Kate Bornstein too much to allow anything here, or anything I’ve written, to hurt her. I’m sorry, Kate, for having hurt your feelings.)


Oy. I got entirely roped into the CSI marathan that was on Spike this weekend, and today they’ve moved onto CSI: NY episodes.

I come home from teaching Gender Studies 100 (specifically a piece by Ana Castillo) and it turns out the “Jane Doe” is really a “John Doe” — which conclusion they come to by looking up the dead trans woman’s skirt.


Partners’ Resources

One of the partners who posts regularly on our forums has put together a list of online resources for partners, which she’s posted on the TransOhio website.

How cool is that? When I first went online as the girlfriend of a “CD,” there was exactly one Yahoo group, which was actually an eGroup (anyone remember those?).

The only thing that still bugs me is how much the partners of MTFs and FTMs segregate. It’s another case where I feel we draw too much of our identites from our partners’ trans ones. I’ve learned so much from partners of FTMs, male or female, straight-identified and queer.