5 Replies to “It’s Over!”

  1. “Fuckwad cronies” was never more apt. Good on America; we talk too loud, eat too much and have strange beliefs, but hell, down deep we have some heart , and a shitload of resilience.

  2. The entire Bush family has been like a virus (aids) to our country.

    However, I believe Mr Obama, though he talks the good talk and is there to throw out a few scraps to ease public discontent, will conduct himself along the globalist line. He’s already loaded his cabinet with Clintonites, some change.

    NAFTA and GATT have gutted out the foundation of our society (light and heavy manufacturing) compliments of our gov’t and the multinational corporations. We need a cleansweep of republicans and democrats in DC.

    More money to the corporations that brought this all about, sounds like … rape.

    Check out http://www.globalresearch.ca


  3. I started making a list “Things Obama Has Done That I Like”, as opposed to the list from the previous administration.

    The “things I like” list is going to be too time consuming to keep up.

    I think that I felt just an overwhelming sense of relief on Jan 20. It’s like years of battling cancer with no good treatments, and finally some doctor comes in and says “we can help”. Whether Obama’s ideas work or not, I agree with the way he makes decisions. I’m just happier to have him there, regardless of what happens.

    Dubya said something like “you may not agree with what I did, but at least realize I had the country’s best interests at heart”. My problem is that, if someone is totally incompentent in a job, I feel it’s morally required that they say “I’m in over my head” and Bush never did that. he still fails to see his own incompetency.

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