Tomorrow Our President

Posted by – January 19, 2009

I don’t think I can watch footage of Obama talking to young volunteeers without getting weepy. The teenaged girls especially crack me up, though, and I have to say I suspect I’d be just as goofy if I got to meet the man in person, too. The awe you can see in people’s eyes is so exciting.

Tomorrow I’m just going to cry through the inaugural, I just know it. We all expect it to kick ass, & I have no doubt it will. He’s walking around today like a man who’s got a good piece written.

It really is true that us Gen Xers finally understand the Kennedy thing the Boomers have been going on about our entire lives. We never had this kind of president before, someone who is really an inspiration, and young and strong and sexy, with a beautiful wife to boot.

5 Comments on Tomorrow Our President

  1. sandy2 says:

    Yeah… I’m very emotional about this too. Not like me!

    But hot damn.

    It’s happening!

  2. jadecath says:

    I dreamed last night that Obama asked me for software advice. Now that’s citizen involvement!

  3. kara_h says:

    I will probably cry as well. My partner and I both did when he won the election.

  4. helenboyd says:

    schedule for inauguration:

    & the parade starts at 2:30 PM.

  5. divadarya says:

    This is better than Kennedy; this is beyond momentous, he’s everything you said. The biggest difference is that Eisenhower wasn’t responsible for so much arrogant nad arguably criminal behavior.
    We live in an amazing time; Icht bin ein Babyboomer (too…today)

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