Deaths in Memphis

There is a diarist at Daily Kos who has written about the high incidence of murder of African American trans women.

Queerty (tongue in cheerk) predicts Memphis will reach out to the trans community as a result. I doubt it. They’re 2nd in homicides in the country, which means everyone – not just trans people – have been victims of violence (via Grand Divisions).

What a way to start a new year.

2 Replies to “Deaths in Memphis”

  1. That really is quite a sad thing. As human beings, we should be upset at this,.

    I am new to commenting on the site. I found it through a link, and was overjoyed, because your books pretty much changed my life. I am planning on writing a pretty big paper(20 pages perhaps…though i will probably ramble on for more) on transgenderism for a class at my pretty conservative college. I would love if you would be interested in perhaps doing an interview sometime in the next month over email or something. Send an email my way to if you are interested. Thanks!

  2. Helen,

    As someone who lives in Memphis, TN and also works within the criminal justice system here, I can tell you that the Trans community reached out to the woman that died, but the African American community did NOT. There is a great deal of homophobia in the African American community in this city. And you are right, Memphis is #2 in violent crime (after Detroit), though the heads of the law enforement agencies here refuse to admit it.


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