Laughing & Smiling

Every day I wake up & read the news & every day I smile: Obama Pledges Restoration of US Funding for UNFPA President Obama Signs Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Senate Approves SCHIP Expansion Bill. It’s like a dream, really.… Continue Reading

Friend of “Fags” Bubba

My friend James Hipps of called a radio morning show after the DJs used “fag” on the air today, and he ended up on the air. You’ve got to hear it. Forget the gay-baiting. The gender-baiting is astounding. Is… Continue Reading

New Couch

Aeneas in his new home, on his new couch, which he sleeps on quite often:

It’s Over!

It’s over, it’s over!! Dubya is out of office, & so are all his fuckwad cronies. I can hardly believe it: the long national nightmare is over. (Even if there is a lot of cleaning up to do.)

Go MA!

And in the meantime, Massachusetts proves itself the most civilized of all our states, for changing its law on what it takes to change your gender marker on your license: The new policy requires a person who wishes to change… Continue Reading

Local Issue

Within a few weeks of me arriving in Appleton, a transgender person named Sierra Broussard filed a lawsuit against a local club for not allowing her in. They checked her ID which still has an M & didn’t let her… Continue Reading

This Is What?

How hot is this? You can get a year’s subscription to Ms. Magazine AND this nifty poster for $35. The other day while writing my Blog for Choice post, I realized it was the first time I wrote one with… Continue Reading

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

(Thanks to Veronica.)

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Friday Cat Blog in WI

Since Betty’s not here to see the boys do their usual goofy stuff, I’ve been taking more photos of them, & thought I might resurrect Friday Cat Blog in order to share them. So here’s the first of a series:

Blog for Choice

Today is Blog for Choice Day. It’s been 36 years since Roe V. Wade, & while a lot of feminists are breathing easier as a result of Tuesday’s inauguration of Barack Obama as our new president, you can’t really ever… Continue Reading

More Wow

It’s really incredible: watching the Obamas walk hand-in-hand (which is beautiful in & of itself) to the White House just blows my mind. I’m not sure it’s actually sunk in yet that we actually pulled this off. Damn. & What… Continue Reading

Call the Pope

So here’s another bit of political history that was made today: Joe Biden is our first Catholic VP. For those of you who don’t know, Al Smith was a candidate for president in 1927, and one of the reasons he… Continue Reading

Out Damn Spot

I almost feel like it’s Christmas Eve I’m so excited. Watching the coverage on MSNBC is like a reunion after this long electoral season, but wow is it exciting! Those cheerleaders yesterday were adorable. Kind of mind-blowing. There’s a story… Continue Reading

Tomorrow Our President

I don’t think I can watch footage of Obama talking to young volunteeers without getting weepy. The teenaged girls especially crack me up, though, and I have to say I suspect I’d be just as goofy if I got to… Continue Reading

Quitting Smoking

As Mark Twain said: Quitting is easy; I’ve done it lots of times. But actually I haven’t. They say the average smoker has to try quitting seven times before they manage it permanently, and I’ve really tried exacty once. Maybe… Continue Reading


Coraline – Neil Gaiman’s horrifying children’s story – is coming out on February 6th. It better be coming to a theatre near me.

Cynthia Nicole

Human Rights Watch is asking Honduras authorities to investigate the murder or transgender activist Cynthia Nicole, who was murdered on January 9th, 2009. As a leader in Colectivo Violeta – an organization working to defend the rights and health of… Continue Reading

You’re Getting Old

Best product review comment: Is music really crappy lately, or am I getting old? Cracked me up.