I reported for Jury Duty yesterday on a fine cold & rainy Brooklyn morning. Their timing couldn’t be worse, though I’m hoping I can get a postponement for next July if I go in person.

It would be much easier for a self-employed type like me to be able to schedule Jury Duty, but of course that’s not the way it works. Still, I usually go for a few days & don’t get chosen, & then I get my “free for four years” letter and am on my way. In fact yesterday I didn’t get chosen and am now free for 8 years! I don’t know when they increased it, but they did, & I’m pleased, since i have a lot to get done this week.

Still, I scanned my laptop for a virus I think I got on Sunday, & otherwise read more things about gender, The Well of Loneliness, and embodiment.

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  1. I got called for jury duty awhile back. Some of the cases were interesting, some were abhorrent (the man who sexually abused his 13 yo daughter).

    And here’s how I got out of one: two 20-something guys, one in a neck brace (the plaintiff). Story: plaintiff & defendant are buddies, they go out drinking. Get drunk. Plaintiff (who drove them there in his car), decides he’s too drunk, gets his buddy to drive instead. They have a wreck, plaintiff ends up with a neck problem. When the judge asked “anybody have a problem with this case?”, I raised my hand, and said “this is an insurance scam, pure and simple, and I’m not playing and I won’t find for the plaintiff”. they said I was excused, and got someone else.

    Simple, really. You just have to demonstrate that you don’t have an open mind… 😉 And we know that all of us here are very close-minded. 😉

    Someone else tried to beg off on the excuse that they were a sole proprietor of their business. No go, didn’t work. They don’t care about you, but they do care about fairness. Demonstrate that you’re not fair, you’re outta there…

    Oh, is this unpatriotic or uncivil? oops

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