Some Cool Stuff

Here are some cool things I’ve unearthed in recent weeks that I’ve been meaning to blog about at length but find myself to busy to do!

I am writing and reading a lot this fall, and most of the writing is not for publication, sadly – like my personal statement for my Ph.D. application, amongst other things. So keep sending me cool stuff, or I may start posting descriptions of classes I want to teach, and other odd things.

2 Replies to “Some Cool Stuff”

  1. About the Afghan story, this is the nation we’re trying to save from the Taliban and bring western democracy to in the name of fighting terrorism? Almost every story I’ve read, including the one about the women with the book about the beauty college, only shows me they don’t want or plan to change beyond re-establishing a fundamental Islamic state. I’ve read better stories about Greg Mortenson’s work with building rural schools, “Three Cups of Tea.”

    What don’t we understand that you can lead a nation to democracy but they don’t have to use it? And I remember Bush said he wasn’t into nation building. Are we willing to spend a generation in Afghanistan in the hope of something different? Or haven’t we learned from their history of occupation?

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