Crossdressing Husband & Father on NPR

Some things you just never expect. NPR recently did a show about a crossdressing husband & father that was about as off the mark as Dr. Phil usually is. Pathologizing, full of the embarassed & shamed comments by the wife… Continue Reading

Buying Stuff

& So it begins: the holiday season. Did any of you go shopping yesterday? I didn’t, but then, I never do. My holiday shopping is (at best) erratic, and usually kind of last minute. Many Xmases ago, Betty & i… Continue Reading


I’m honestly a little surprised the US news media is reporting these terrorist bombings in India, because usually, they don’t. Most Americans have no idea how many bombings have gone on there in past years; all these years we’ve been… Continue Reading

Back to CO

I’m a little sad because Betty returns today to Colorado to finish the dental stuff she started a few months back. She was already away working a few days this past week, & will be gone working once she gets… Continue Reading

Giving Thanks

A guy who couldn’t read & write, and whose teachers made him “feel small,” carves tiny sculptures that can fit in the eye of a needle. There is something so lovely about that. I’m giving thanks this year for people… Continue Reading

Dr. Phil Phucks Up, Again

Allison Steinberg, writing for the Gay Rights blog at, wrote about the heinous treatment Dr. Phil gave transgender issues, and people, on a recent show. Asswipe. He had someone on from Focus on the Family as an expert on… Continue Reading

Movie Review: Milk

Here’s a review of Milk, about the life of Harvey Milk, by my friend Doug McKeown. (I haven’t seen it yet but will because of his review.) Let’s get two questions out of the way. Is Milk entertaining? Without qualification.… Continue Reading

Last OC Column, or That Was Quick

Easy come, easy go: I got word last week that is no longer, or will soon be no longer, or will no longer be updated, or something like that. So no, I wasn’t fired; everyone was. So here’s the… Continue Reading

Review: She’s a Boy I Knew

A friend of a friend in Lincoln, Nebraska got to see the documentary She’s a Boy I Knew which I’d heard good things about, so I asked her to write a review. by Dr. Pat. Tetreault She’s A Boy I… Continue Reading

Letter To a Wife

My friend Shirene, who I met while I was researching My Husband Betty, and at a SPICE conference to boot, has contined to work with wives who have just found out their husbands are crossdressers. She wrote this letter recently… Continue Reading

Écriture Masculin?

The webstie the GenderAnalyzer proposes to know the gender of your blog. Or its author, I assume. (en)gender is apparently 67% male, and apparently it’s wrong about 47% of the time, which is probably not a whole lot better than… Continue Reading


Okay, maybe it’s me, or my goth past, or I’m just odd that way, but I happened to find this blog, The Blog of Death, while I was looking for – believe it or not – info about David Reimer,… Continue Reading

NYT Duanna Johnson

The New York Times reported on Duanna Johnson’s murder. I’m actually surprised – pleased, but surprised.

Raped Soldiers

Here’s another update – and more chilling news – about the astronomical levels of rape and sexual harassment inflicted on female soldiers serving in the US military. To really add insult to injury, the military’s health insurance plan doesn’t pay… Continue Reading

Why Marriage?

My next Our Chart post is up, this one about same sex marriage, and trans loopholes, and why.

Some Cool Stuff

Here are some cool things I’ve unearthed in recent weeks that I’ve been meaning to blog about at length but find myself to busy to do! An article about an Afghan man who got 20 years in prison for asking… Continue Reading

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Today in a Town Near You

Maddow Style

Did anyone else notice that Rachel Maddow seemed “poofier” tonight? Maybe it was just her hair. Maybe it was an accident. It’s not so different than how she usually looks, but different enough that I noticed. And was distracted by… Continue Reading

Protest Prop 8

Tomorrow there are rallies against Prop 8 happening all over the country! Go to for more information about the rally near you. There’s a Wiki so you can easily find your local contacts and events. In NYC, the rally… Continue Reading