I was poking around recently, trying to find out about a PSA that we’d been discussing in the mHB forums lately which is about trying to discourage kids to say “that’s so gay” when they mean “that’s not cool” when I found that the PSA is part of a larger campaign by The Ad Council & GLSEN to “think b4 you speak.” I love the idea, and not just because “that’s so gay” is unnecessarily homophobic, but because I so wish people didn’t use language so carelessly.

As a result I found, which is a huge social issues/activist-oriented collection of blogs on various issues. There’s a blog on women’s rights, animal rights, global warming, immigration, and of course gay rights, which – lo & behold! – has me on its recommended reading list. How cool is that?

Great resource for us social justice types, so do go check it out.

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  1. Yeah, I work with some teens and I cringe every time they use the word gay in that way. I don’t usually lecture them about it though, lest they think *I’m* gay, which to a lot of folks around here wouldn’t be such a good thing, to say the least. You said it best, Helen, we haven’t quite given up homophobia as a national past time, have we?

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