I was poking around recently, trying to find out about a PSA that we’d been discussing in the mHB forums lately which is about trying to discourage kids to say “that’s so gay” when they mean “that’s not cool” when I found that the PSA is part of a larger campaign by The Ad Council & GLSEN to “think b4 you speak.” I love the idea, and not just because “that’s so gay” is unnecessarily homophobic, but because I so wish people didn’t use language so carelessly.

As a result I found, which is a huge social issues/activist-oriented collection of blogs on various issues. There’s a blog on women’s rights, animal rights, global warming, immigration, and of course gay rights, which – lo & behold! – has me on its recommended reading list. How cool is that?

Great resource for us social justice types, so do go check it out.

Helen Boyd

is the author of My Husband Betty and She's Not the Man I Married.

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  1. Yeah, I work with some teens and I cringe every time they use the word gay in that way. I don’t usually lecture them about it though, lest they think *I’m* gay, which to a lot of folks around here wouldn’t be such a good thing, to say the least. You said it best, Helen, we haven’t quite given up homophobia as a national past time, have we?

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