A Great Man: Studs Terkel, We Loved You

The news is just in that the incomparable Studs Terkel has died at the age of 96. I knew the news was coming, sooner rather than later, but I was hoping he’d make it to see the first black president… Continue Reading

Happy Halloween

A very happy Halloween to one & all! (Just make sure you don’t end the evening like this gal, and please don’t drink & drive.)


& Really, I will get back to gender & trans stuff. There’s a lot of stuff bubbling, but right now I’m still just worried about Obama winning. Thank you for your patience.

Trans for Obama: Reason #5

Reason #5: Vote for Obama because he was one of the earliest co-sponsors of the Matthew Shepard Act, which provides hate crimes protections for all LGBT people nationally. & Here’s his closing argument, a speech Obama gave in Canton, Ohio,… Continue Reading

Another Helen

Another opinionated Helen blogging about Barack Obama, except she’s 82, the proper age for someone named Helen. (via Feministing)

Trans for Obama: Reason #6

Reason #6 to vote for Obama: he welcomes transgender lobbyists to his office, is fluent in our issues, cares about them, & wants to learn about all the different identities and hurdles faced by all of the different types of… Continue Reading

Trans for Obama: Reason #7

Reason #7: Because in locations like Montgomery County, Maryland, and in Gainesville, Florida, attempts are afoot to repeal trans inclusive legislation that has already been passed. (The Maryland attempt already failed, thankfully.) But they’re doing so with signs that say… Continue Reading

Trans for Obama: Reason #8 – Prop 8

Vote for Obama because: despite LGBT people objecting to both Presidential & VP candidates with the old complaint, “but neither of them are for gay marriage” please keep in mind that in fact, Senators Obama & Biden are both against… Continue Reading


She was a paid organizer! She was a paid organizer!! & Ted Stevens is guilty! (Do you hear that sound? It’s Palin, getting ready for 2012.) Oh, this is too lovely.

Through Being Cool, Pt. 2

My 3rd relationships column – this one is about monogamy – is up at www.ourchart.com.

Trans for Obama: Reason #9

Reason #9: Vote for Obama because Senator Obama, while working in the State Senate of Illinois, went out of his way to add explicit language that would include LGBT couples in the Domestic Violence bill there. The version with his… Continue Reading

Old Drugs

I know I’m often somewhat cynical about scientific studies, but this one especially seems to take the cake. Not because it’s not smart, or comes to wild, unfounded conclusions, but rather because it’s – well, obvious: thoughtful people tend to… Continue Reading

10 Days, 10 Reasons

I had the fantastic opportunity to listen in on a conference call from Obama Pride that was specifically about & for the trans community. Wow. It is so astonishing to hear people from so many states talk about what they’re… Continue Reading

Soeur Emmanuelle

Here’s a woman who got a heck of a lot less press than Mother Theresa, but who, in my opinion, took the best stands on things like contraception. I’m entirely flummoxed at her descriptions of her own desire & flirtation,… Continue Reading

Legalize It

It strikes me that if there’s ever been a good & useful time to legalize pot, now might be it. The economy could use the huge boost, and we could tax the hell out of it to make up for… Continue Reading

Trans for Obama: 12 Days

The Trans for Obama campaign continues! It’s your time to stand up & be counted, trans democrats, independents, and republicans! If you’re voting for Obama, why not make your vote count twice? First, here’s a reminder of an event way… Continue Reading

Weiss Woman

More and more we’re starting to see some very serious venues take on some aspect of trans issues, whether it’s 20/20 last year with GID and trans youth or The Atlantic Monthly’s current article on the same topic. But I… Continue Reading

Back to Mike

It looks like the person we’ve all come to know as Christine Daniels is de-transitioning, and has returned to work as Mike Penner. Kevin Roderick of highly-respected LAObserved.com reports late Monday that “Eighteen month after writing a column about becoming… Continue Reading

Break Up the Concrete

“We like to travel on trains,” she says. “That’s part of the whole drive: Reinstate public transportation, especially trains. Get out of the cars. Destroy all the streets and roads and bridges and dams. Just get rid of it.” Hey,… Continue Reading


A little early for Halloween, Natalie Angier has written a NYT article about sanguivores – yes, those who eat/drink blood. Gruesome, but exactly in keeping with her lovely fascination with the darker side of the natural world. Angier is of… Continue Reading