Blogging the DNC – Why Not?

Normally Betty & I would be talking loudly at each other over the DNC reporting, and since she’s not here, you all get to suffer my opinions, instead.

First: cool to see Luke Russert reporting, but even more cool, the happy smiles on Brokaw’s and Olbermann’s faces after he did.

Then: Nancy Pelosi’s speech was about as boring as dirt. She’s still right, though, that John McCain is wrong.

On the idea that Clinton supporters are voting for McCain… please stay home. Um, HELLO? He’s not pro choice, he’s not for equal pay for equal work, and he has voted against legislation that would make contraception more available, including the Gag Rule.

(more as the night goes on)

Ted Kennedy, filled with optimism and laughter, was like a salve. His comment on the war – and how our soldiers should not be sent into mistakes that aren’t worthy of their courage – was a concise articulation of the how sad so many of us have been these past years while we’re fighting the wrong war entirely.

10PMish – Buchanan is such an asswipe. Just in general.

10:30PM – Michelle Obama’s video retrospective, and now her older brother introducing her.

12:32AM – & Wow was she great. I was right there with all the other women who were crying listening to her, as Matthews & Olbermann pointed out. It killed me that they had to ask a woman why the tears. It’s one of us up there: a smart woman, a woman accused of being angry. The sexism directed at Clinton had its ramifications for all of us – even for those of us who don’t particularly like her.

Now go register to vote if you aren’t.

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  1. Michelle’s speech was great, and she looked great, too.

    Without apology, I hate the fucking Republicans and their festival of old-rich-white-guy negativity and can’t wait to drive a stake through their pro-life-anti-gay-offshore-drilling hearts.

  2. Republicans!!!!!!!!!
    Go to republican gay cards. com and check out the new playing cards that have Republican public officials on them with the explanation of their sexual dalliances. Of course, Senator Larry Craig is the king of spades. The Queen card is a Senator who was caught in a hotel room with a gay male prostitute. When he stole the Senator’s wallet he was reported. When t he police caught up with him, he testified that the Senator had hired him for sex and when he got to his hotel room he found him dressed in women’s clothing. What a gas!!
    Do we have an ally out there we don’t know about?

  3. “Without apology, I hate the fucking Republicans and their festival of old-rich-white-guy negativity and can’t wait to drive a stake through their pro-life-anti-gay-offshore-drilling hearts.”

    Well, I don’t hate Democrats. I disagree with their beliefs, am convinced that their agenda is detrimental to the future of the republic, and won’t be voting to support their candidates, but I don’t hate them. Even though I disagree, I try to keep and open mind so that I can listen to their opinions in case something emerges that is worthwhile.

    If you’re going to hate Republicans and draw sweeping generalizations about an entire population of people, then how can you get upset when Christian conservatives do the same thing about gays, gender variant people, and liberals? Isn’t what’s sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander?


  4. >
    In high school, I called myself a Republican. My grandfather was a Republican(and I loved him) my aunt is a Republican, watches Fox Cable and listens to Michael Savage(I just threw up in my mouth a little..sorry)and I love her too. I realize things are more nuanced than my broad statement, but after years of watching the GOP being driven further and further to the right by people who attack who I am on on every level, I can’t afford to cut them a break.
    My whole life, I’ve prided myself on being a “reasoned voice” but after eight years of a shamelessly corrupt and anti-democratic(small d) administration I say, to quote a famous radical from the sixties “the fire this time”.
    The GOP hate machine is already in full swing and I intend to make my own feelings loud and clear about how I feel about it; after the country comes back from the disastrous course set by absolutist assholes like Cheney, Armey, Helms(may he burn in Hell) and the like, we’ll talk.
    Hear that Rush? I’m a f..g Liberal!
    Without apology.

  5. Ya know, I sat through about 30-40 minutes of the first few speeches, and I was so very grossed out by the vomitrocious political masturbation, the layers-thick sugary sappy overt sentimentality, it was like Hallmark on heroin, I just couldn’t stomach it. I really wanted to watch Michelle O, though, but I got caught up in my Jewel Quest 3 game. I did watch her online this morning, and she was TERRIFIC! I LOVE HER!

    It hurts my heart that parties are so polarized, I’ve been all over the political spectrum and it just hurts to hear people say “I hate Republicans”, or whatever. There are dumbasses in either party, frankly. Republicans have not cornered that market. I love Rush Limbaugh, btw. LOVE him. How’s that for subversive? 😉

    Happy to be firmly entrenched in the middle. Rawr.

  6. Nancy Pelos…zzzzz…

    Ted Kennedy – great.

    Michelle Obama – fantastic!

    The Obama kids – priceless!

    (And I don’t hate Republicans, but I disagree with the direction that the party has taken. Not that I’m happy with the Democrats, but I find I have more in common with them than the Republicans. You can say I backed into being a Democrat – a pretty hard thing to do considering I was in heels at the time…)

  7. “My whole life, I’ve prided myself on being a “reasoned voice” but after eight years of a shamelessly corrupt and anti-democratic(small d) administration I say, to quote a famous radical from the sixties “the fire this time”.

    Calling someone an asshole is not a reasoned voice. Further, refusing to cut them a break while expecting them to cut you one is a lot to expect.

  8. Hmmm…I see why it’s a good thing we don’t talk politics on the MHB boards…
    Hey, I love you all, just tired of PRETENDING to be nice and “not be like them”

    VZ I love you…

    I realize calling someone an asshole is not a “reasoned voice” and I guess that’s what concerns me about people like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage; Millions of people listen to them and every single fucking thing they both say calls me an asshole(and a degenerate and a child molester and a traitor) every day.
    OK…call me a wild-eyed radical then, or just say I’m being a wild-eyed radical for “entertainment” purposes, Isn’t that how Rush wimps out of it? Why be a *nice*, reasoned degenerate that’s going to burn in Hell if that’s what the mouth-breathers think?

  9. OK, Hilary was AWESOME!! Loved the joke about Bush and McCain being like twins in the twin cities…Kucinich freakin’ brought the fire earlier,too…
    OK..I’ll go hug my Republicn aunt, now, but she’s not going to be happy about my “No on 8” Bumpersticker on my car….

  10. Being intolerant of intolerance is a form of tolerance. Right now, the Republican platform is openly intolerant. Now there are some decent Republicans out there (none of ’em in office!), but it’s a black mark.

  11. No political ideology can be sustained by promulgating hatred. It is as simple as that. Whenever vitriol replaces rational discord, the opponent that some one is attacking through vitriol “always” wins. This is axiomatic in politics.

    Further, to win an ideological battle, it is critical to understand, sympathize and recognize what is “correct” and “right” about your “opponent’s position”. Then your position becomes wisdom as well as advocacy. This too is axiomatic.

    The human rights movement did “NOT” get where it is today by spewing hatred against those that did not retain those values or by turning off those that did not understand the movement by wishing human beings (opponents) death or hell (or by creating films where the President of the United States is assassinated, or by lying about global warming). Those that are not involved, the common voter, do not see pain. They only see the spewed vitriol of hatred…. and it turns them off.

    The human rights movement won by taking the very principles of their opponents and showed they needed to be inclusive…. inclusive within those principles. Joining together in shared principles with your opponent is how to win.

    I confess, the hard left haters at the periphery and within the Democratic Party are very disconcerting. They are skewing the Dems and creating the potential of destroying the gains made by the human rights movement because their perspective is driven by the very same emotions and amplified hatred that the haters, like the KKK and the John Birchers promulgated at the modern dawn of human liberation.


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