Too Weak for Color

My niece tells me that my sister just bought a guy’s bike because all of the women’s bikes came in lavender, light yellow, or pink. Maybe mint green.

So what is it about women that we can’t handle real colors? So many times I see women’s fashion in one window, and even like some stuff, but I want the same clothes in the men’s colors in the window right next door. Why do our colors have to be watered down?

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  1. Because, silly girl. You’re supposed to wear pink. Girls wear pink and boys wear blue.

    I had an interesting experience while my friends were up visiting from New Mexico. They brought their adorable 22-months-old daughter with them and they dress her in clothes that don’t match up with gender stereotypes. Often she was wearing navy blues or olive drab green. Here hair isn’t all that long. So people just defaulted to assuming she was a boy, and they had to correct people a few times while we were with them.

    I’m so blessed to have such awesome friends!

  2. I don’t know about bikes (actually, my spouse’s bike is black), and I know there are a lot of pastels in women’s clothing, but in general I find that men’s fashions are drab whereas women’s are much more colourful. And that has made me very happy! I happen to like pink, but a strong pink or magenta, not baby pink (doesn’t look good on me). Just yesterday, I bought tops in very deep colours — purple, an earthy red, and a vivid blue. Watered down? Not these!

  3. I think it cuts both ways, really. Companies tend to pick “safe” colors(or what they think are) based on gender rather than skin tone or personality style, which is the way it should be. On everyday gendered objects like bikes, I gotta agree with you 100%.

    Me, my basic color choices are black, purple, red and cheetah print.

  4. How odd, I’ve had the exact opposite experience – that men’s clothes tend to be in any shade of black, blue or green, and nothing else, but women’s clothing can be any shade of the rainbow. It smacks me in the face every time I walk into a mall and see the difference in department stores. Also, I hate that I can’t find any decent men’s shirts in my size. Like there are no small, short men in the world? And when I was researching bikes, I kept finding wonderful designs in men’s bikes, but not with the women’s sizes. Frustrating!

  5. maybe i should have explained for me it’s the *type* of color. i prefer a dark green to a kelly or lime green. maroon to reds or pinks. that’s why the men’s section suits me better, color-wise. really, i tend to choose “masculine” sheets, too.

  6. Last night, when I showed my son the form for ordering sheets/towels/pillowcase/comforter packages for college, and asked him to choose a color scheme, what did he pick? The lavender/lilac color. Who’d a thunk it?

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