Dark Odyssey Summer Camp 2008

Just to clarify, since a few people have asked: we will indeed be at Dark Odyssey’s Summer Camp this year, which happens from September 10th – 15th. It’s probably our favorite event of the year. I’ll be doing two of my regular workshops at DO: Trans Sex & Identity, and Uneven Libidos.

If I haven’t made clear what we love about this event, let me say: it’s inclusive. Beyond inclusive. The mix of sexualities – queer, straight, BDSM, kinky, leather, swinger, pagan, etc. – is mind-blowing. It’s sex positive in a way that nothing else I’ve experienced is.

It is very trans friendly, but you’ll only want to bring heels that you wear when you’re on your back, not to walk in – most of the camp is grass. There’s a pool, there’s lounge chairs, & there’s plenty of trees to be tied to, if that’s your sort of thing.

(You can check out a bunch of other posts I’ve done about DO over the years we’ve been going to get more of an idea.)

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  1. O M G!

    I owe you a debt of gratitude! That look so unbelievably cool. If I wasn’t in school during that time period I think I would demand hubby get the time off work so we could go.

    As it is, being set aside for the future. I just spent a couple hours looking through the site and just, wow.

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