I’ve been a little off with blogging lately; I think my brain has decided it needs a summer vacation, because I can’t seem to put a sentence together even when I want to.

Mostly I’ve been going to work, and coming home, & playing computer games, & being, well, a regular person. It’s kind of nice, playing with the cats & not worrying about a book I’m supposed to be writing.

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  1. Just Go With It ™.

    You need to embrace your “inner sloth”. Seriously.

    Take a breather for a week. Re-pot houseplants (get a houseplant?), take walks, explore, do all the things you did before work (the books, etc., not the 9-5) became centered on what you love to do, before you grew up and became respectable (right, you think you’re not there yet…well, guess what?). Not being a writer, I work with computers day in and day out and some days the last thing I want to do is boot up at home. So I don’t. Not only does life go on, but I find that after conscious avoidance I come back refreshed and able to solve problems far better than before.

    Everyone needs some time off from specific aspects of her or his life every now and then. Do it like the radio shows do and have a week of “vintage MHB” by reposting really old posts from years ago, or have guest bloggers for a week…however you have to do it, know that down time is very important. The Sims need you.

  2. A wise friend of mine told me that “regenerating” is doing something; a poet and Buddhist teacher told me that she wasn’t writing right now because the poem was “gestating”.
    Good time to play Sims.

  3. I just got back from an extended weekend to do exactly what you need to do. Relax.

    Even things we love to do become hard when done everyday. All things need change. So enjoy your vacation. If you think though that you need a longer time than a week or so, can you at least give us a heads up about your job search and your work outs so we don’t worry about you and Betty on your time off.

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