DO is upcoming, and so I’ve been wondering: why do I so hate being naked in front of people? I went to a workshop at a DO summer camp about getting in touch with your body, and you’re meant to… Continue Reading

Stay Safe, NOLA

Hurricane Gustav is about to bear down on the lovely city of New Orleans, nearly three years to the day Katrina did. Stay safe. (& the Republicans, in keeping with their shite response to Katrina, are going ahead with their… Continue Reading

5 Years

It’s the blog’s five year anniverary; amazing that I’ve been doing it this long, after Betty encouraged me to give it a try. Thanks all, for reading.

McCain Sucks

I can’t find any other words & apologize for the obscenity, but the suggestion that all the Hillary voters, and other women, would vote for him because he found a woman who will run with him just pisses me off.… Continue Reading

Thank You Del

Activist and co-founder of The Daughters of Bilitis, Del Martin, has died. She co-founded the DOB – the first lesbian organization in America – with her partner, Phyllis Lyon, in 1955. Together they wrote and edited the group’s newsletter, The… Continue Reading


10:08PM – Here we go. I’m fully expecting to cry through most of his speech, and I expected that before Olbermann read some of it as a preview. 10:09PM – Though wow is this video heavy-handed. 10:13PM – As a… Continue Reading


I’m not going to share with you all what Betty’s dental surgery is going to cost us in the long run, and instead I’ll just say damn I shoulda been a dentist. Still, she’s in good hands in CO, and… Continue Reading

Post-Blogging the DNC

I didn’t blog tonight because I was busy worrying about Betty and having dinner with my sister. I don’t care what anyone else thinks — I think (Bill) Clinton’s speech was mediocre. For him, & for this campaign. Were I… Continue Reading

Stella Walsh

Paul Farhi wrote a really sensitive and smart column about Stella Walsh, IS conditions, and gender testing at the Olympics. Walsh had no access to steroids in her day. And since her male organs were nonfunctional, Reiner says, she probably… Continue Reading

Clinton Redux

Is anyone else annoyed by the ongoing media silliness about Clinton’s voters? Either they’re on board, or they’re not. Clinton has said her piece about as articulately as anyone could, & it’s very apparent that if they don’t back Obama,… Continue Reading

Blogging the DNC – Pt. 2

10:45pm – Wow. That was one hell of a video introduction, & one hell of a reception, Clinton just got. & She wasted no time at all expressing her support for Obama. No way, Nohow, No McCain. 10:53PM – She’s… Continue Reading

Votes for Women!

Eighty-eight years ago today women were given the right to vote in the U.S. Here’s a cool timeline of all of the events that lead up to it, which is vital to understand in the context of fighting for other… Continue Reading

Blogging the DNC – Why Not?

Normally Betty & I would be talking loudly at each other over the DNC reporting, and since she’s not here, you all get to suffer my opinions, instead. First: cool to see Luke Russert reporting, but even more cool, the… Continue Reading

Invert(e): the Blog

I’ve been invited to participate in a new blog, Invert(e). It’s the blog of Suspect Thoughts press. Apparently those of us who like parentheticals stick together. Do check it out.

Too Weak for Color

My niece tells me that my sister just bought a guy’s bike because all of the women’s bikes came in lavender, light yellow, or pink. Maybe mint green. So what is it about women that we can’t handle real colors?… Continue Reading

Book Review: Queer Catholicism

It’s been a year of Catholics, hasn’t it? From the sad news about Ted Kennedy’s health, to the deaths of Tim Russert & George Carlin. So the editors of Queer + Catholic might have unusually good timing, even if none… Continue Reading

Kate Goes Ga-Ga

Kate Bornstein has gone ga-ga over WALL-E, as have tons of people. But only Kate Bornstein can talk about a robot movie and move seamlessly into a discussion of gender fluidity and butch/femme roles: Marlene Dietrich in a tuxedo can… Continue Reading

Dark Odyssey Summer Camp 2008

Just to clarify, since a few people have asked: we will indeed be at Dark Odyssey’s Summer Camp this year, which happens from September 10th – 15th. It’s probably our favorite event of the year. I’ll be doing two of… Continue Reading

Too Much Drama

Not only are a ton of queens on Project Runway, but the benefits will be donated to Broadway Cares, in true queen style. Sweetie looks fucking fantastic. But all of the NY queens we know are fabulous: Hedda Lettuce, Miss… Continue Reading

Olbermann on Diane Schroer

& Here’s Keith Olbermann on Diane Schroer. Genius.