Protect Us From You

Two of the big hypocrites of politics (of the last year) have come together to make clear that they value marriage enough to protect it from teh gay. Jeez louise. Maybe they should just start a Whitewash Party, & run on sheer hypocrisy.

As ridiculous and honestly funny as this is, it has repurcussions. Hate always does.

6 Replies to “Protect Us From You”

  1. Hey, if more gay men are in committed relationships, it might negatively impact the number cruising for sex in airport bathrooms…..

  2. Larry Craig is a complete disgrace. Even his own Party detests him for his hypocrisy and lack of honor evident because he did not step down when he breached his own value structure. Now this?

    One more seat for the Democrats and one from Idaho no less….

  3. These two are just giving their constituencies what they want. If these two represented a district that was mostly gay, they’d support gay marriage, gay rights, and free dishes for gay couples. They want to get elected (as opposed to show any leadership), so they pander. It’s reality.


  4. Great point Christinesus…. typical “no values” politician. What would happen if Craig “did” run for the Senate in CA?

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