I try to watch a new show, this time Psych, because the trailers always seem funny, and what do you know? A man is being haunted by someone who keeps redecorating and leaving long red hair everywhere.

It turns out he has multiple personality disorder and one of his personalities is a woman trapped in a man’s body. She’s been going to a shrink to find out about SRS.

The third personality is homicidal and doesn’t want his genitals changes. So first he kills one shrink for helping the trans female identity, and is about to kill another, when the two guys of Psych figure it out. The name of the show was “Who Ya Gonna Call?

I can’t escape trans. I can’t. I want to watch a stupid show & it’s still about gender expression. Though I do appreciate that the homocidal personality and the transgender personality weren’t the same. Is that progress? Maybe.

2 Replies to “Psych!”

  1. It never ends; you’re right! My friends who are respectful of my feminist umbrella-like concerns tease me that I’m a one trick pony when I point out something so blatantly stereotypical on tv. I just feel like it’s everywhere and worth pointing out. That sounds paranoid.

  2. That episode was a little cringe worthy but the series is well worth overlooking that episode… Please give it another chance, I think you’ll find it’s worth it!

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