The Mississippi

My thoughts, and condolences, and best wishes for all of you in the midwest who are worried about the Mississippi’s levies breaching (or who are dealing with the ones that already have, in IA).

Recently it’s been as if Mother Nature has decided to show us exactly who’s boss.

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  1. What a nice commentary Helen….

    The folks in “flyover country” near the rivers are really hurting. Most of the time they are the forgotten Americans because they aren’t special ala the concern for the New Orleans Katrina victims. But that does not diminish their tears as they realize their entire homes, their mementos, the material things they cherished, their lives are all gone.

    It is a water “hell” out there for them.

    Note, just a few miles from my home entire families have been wiped out too in the Chicago ‘burbs. where homes are near any of the rivers. All the rivers are all over the banks now, especially near the Wisconsin border. But the problem here is no where near the catastrophe say in Des Moines or on the Mississippi etc.

    But no one cares about them. (except our Helen) because they are just the “middle of the country, white middle class, samll town and farm nobodies”. It is not “hip and cool” to be for them.

    It takes a true heart and a wise mind to see the uniformity of suffering. That is true wisdom.

    Thanks again Helen….

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