Fr. Michael Pfleger

When Catholics priests are righteous, they make me so damn happy. Shoot, I’d be a practicing Catholic again if I found a parish priest like him.

For the record, it’s the beginning of this sermon that I like the most – not his mockery of Clinton per se – but the issue of white people trying to deny their own white privilege that rings true to me.

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  1. I’m pretty sure you’d be excommunicated before you hit the pew: – no matter how righteous the occasional priest is (and I’ve known a few priests and nuns over the years who have been inspired, righteous, and independent), the organization itself is hopelessly stagnant and misogynist.

  2. Although most people in Chicago don’t like him, why not come to Chicago? His parish is on the south side of Chicago. I will escort you and Betty for a service.

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