3 Replies to “Imbeach Push”

  1. What was McClellan’s book advance? That question should be sufficient to indicate the veracity of his contentions. The last day of his work under Bush, he was all “nicey-nicey” stating, “I am a loyal Bush staffer that approves his policies”.

    Then comes the book advance from a publishing house that specializes in publishing left wing authors. Lets consider how many volumes would be sold if his book supported Bush? Probably three. McClellan would buy one, Rove would buy one, and Bush would buy one. Who else? I can’t think of anyone else.

    If anything, this guy is a coward for not speaking his mind when he was in the midst of the decision process. He comments can not be trusted. Please note, Powell disagreed with the Iraq war decision. He then resigned at an appropriate time. That is class. McClellan appears to be a spineless lap dog that just goes with the flow, first agrees with Bush, then agrees with his editor… that incidentally offered him millions for the book rights.

    As to impeaching? If Sullivan is serious, lets just really screw up the potential of this election cycle.

  2. Impeachment? What a ridiculous waste of time and distraction that would be, when we’re trying to get a Democrat elected president. But so far as I know, there’s virtually no support for this in Congress. The idea hasn’t gone anywhere the last few years, and it isn’t going anywhere now.

  3. One of the things that is critical to our democracy, critical to the operation of our nation is that, unlike banana republics and toy democracys, we do not pursue those who have been voted out of office or whos term has expired as “enemys of the state” — they’ve lost. They’re gone. Get on with it.

    You would be FAR BETTER using your time to see to it that someone who you care for is elected.

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