Thank You

A thank you to all our current soldiers and our veterans today, and to the families of those people who often wait and worry in ways most of us can’t imagine. But an especial thank you to those LGBT veterans who are often dismissed and not acknowledged. If you’d like to read a little of a trans veteran’s views, check out this column from last year by Autumn Sandeen, here’s some info on trans issues re: veterans from NCTE.

Happy Memorial Day. Please don’t drink and drive.

One Reply to “Thank You”

  1. God Love Them All….. Everyone of them….

    This is not a day only for barbeques. It is a day to remember every veteran that has fallen in our defense since the inception of this nation… all vets past, present and future.

    There is no substitute for their great acts of courage and ultimate sacrifice until the end of time.

    A Special Request: Although this day is reserved for those that have fallen, can we all ponder those that have also been wounded, many severely?

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