Firewater Redux

Right now, drunk, my only regret in life is not having had Tod A.’s lovechild. Really.

Tonight at Southpaw, here in the Slope, they were amazing – from the female trombone player to the Sikh drummer who was goddamned amazing.I haven’t danced so much for forever.

A short set list:

  • Electric City
  • Borneo
  • Some Kind of Kindness
  • 6:45
  • This is My Life
  • Get Outta My Head
  • Dark Days Indeed
  • Bhangra Bros
  • Hey Clown (opening)
  • Three Legged Dog (to close)
  • Some Strange Reaction
  • Already Gone
  • & at least one song I can’t remember the name of

They were amazing, the crowd was on, but honestly I think Tod gave us the short shrift. My theory is he just doesn’t like New York anymore, & I can’t really blame him, either. The borough you forgot, Tod, was The Bronx.

Either way, anyway, thanks for saving my sanity though 2001 and since. & Fuck if I can’t get tickets for the Bowery Ballroom show on Monday. Just GO.

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