#1 Reason to Come to NYC

Tonight Betty & I were watching some combination of Burn Notice, Keith Olbermann, and Law & Order (always L&O), when we heard fireworks out our window. There were some last week too, so we kind of responded with a “must be more of whatever that was.”

It turns out that yesterday, May 22nd, was the 125th Birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge.

So Happy Birthday, bridge of bridges, and well done, Msrs. Roebling: we still love your bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge is often listed as one of the top three attractions the French come to NYC to see. The other two? That answer tomorrow, but guesses are welcome.

4 Replies to “#1 Reason to Come to NYC”

  1. Well, the Statue of Liberty, I should think, since it was a gift from the French. And the Empire State building? Or maybe now the former site of the towers.

    My spouse and I tend to visit a good deli before anything else. 🙂

  2. “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”

    Great city.

    Yet, the deli’s aren’t as great as Chicago delis… not enough variety

    (Now if that comment doesn’t incur controversy, I don’t know what will!)

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