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  1. It’s depressing to know that so many voters “just aren’t ready” to vote for an African-American for president. It’s friggin 2008! By which century might they be ready?

    It’s equally depressing that there are voters who “just aren’t ready” to vote for a woman, whether they say so in exit polls or not.

  2. neither cancels the other out. that’s the problem with geraldine ferraro’s position. folks are racist. folks are sexist. we can acknowledge them both without going at each other’s throats over who has it worse, you know?

  3. Geraldine Ferraro’s latest comment:

    “All the surrogates that they had out there, from the black journalists — you know, have you read Bob Herbert recently in the past six months? There wasn’t one column that had anything decent to say about Hillary.”

    Amazing coincidence that she decided to single out the “black journalists” — as opposed to all the other journalists, like Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd at the Times itself, that haven’t exactly been favorable to Hillary.

  4. I’ve actually come to despise Hillary as much as I do GWB. She makes me yell at the radio and television, too. What the f*** is WRONG with her, and why do others keep supporting her!?!

    I want a woman in the White House as much as any mHB’er, but not this one!

    And whodathunk that Puerto Rico would matter in the primaries? I’m happy about it. 😀

  5. Live by identity politics…. die by identity politics….

    Even here many are “labeling” all the candidates, Obama, Clinton, McCain.

    We have to get beyond that. What is the substance of their proposals? We need honest debate on policy, not identity.

    Especially, the press needs to desist from amplifying anecdotal information. There are always exceptions they can find to try and prove an agenda… i.e. Kentucky is racist… or a vote against Obama is a racist vote because they voted for Clinton. It is too shallow an analysis.

    Obama “does” have problems with a core Democratic repeat Democratic Party constituency. If the press or others simply chalk it up to “racism” then the real problem might not emerge. If it doesn’t emerge, it can not be fixed. (Remember the real issue is to try and get elected!!!)

    Now, I will go back to my cocooned urban elite ghetto, sip this lovely Spatlase (95 points!), sample a little Amadeus Swiss Cheese (only $18.00 a lbs. at Whole Foods) on flatbreads… and read another article in the Vanity Fair about how boorish all those (icch) little working class people with high school educations really are. How can they live like that? Eehh children, mini vans and bowling… even guns.

    Later I can then watch another election cycle shot……

  6. I do think it’s terribly wrong to vote in terms of race and sex (unless there’s some party who’re massively in favour of more sex for flustor’s obviously).

    If you draw that logical reasoning to the extreme then I’m going to vote for the next tranny, white, middle class, idiot who stands at the next elections 🙂

    Also I find personality voting worrying. Lets face it, someone can be very charming and entertaining, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be great at running a country. Otherwise, Eddie Izzard would rule the world.

    Actually, I’m talking myself into personality voting…

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