4 Replies to “Ha!”

  1. Make Your Own Academic Sentence came up with:

    The culture of history as such functions as the conceptual frame for the legitimation of the gendered body.

    I swear I’ve read this sentence before!

  2. LOL LOL LOL!!!!

    Helen dear, the issue is, Ph.D.’s make exponentially more money, get tenured, can never be fired (after getting tenure) for writing such pabulum…..

    and amazingly, some people really do listen to them.

    PS I am sending this site on to all of my Ph.D tenured track friends.

  3. Here’s the sentence I received Make Your Own Academic Sentence: “The eroticization of the gaze may be parsed as the authentication of the gendered body.” Academics, ya gotta love ’em!

  4. Still LOL LOL LOL

    I can’t get enough of this site… It had to have been developed by a some student who was vomiting on his professors’ pap…. Here is one sentence….

    “The epistemology of post-capitalist hegemony may be parsed as the engendering of linguistic transparency.”

    Thanks Professor, now I get it…..

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