3 Replies to “L&O”

  1. I don’t watch Law & Order any more (not watching much TV), but maybe I should check it out again. I’ve only ever seen Jeremy Sisto in rather creepy roles such as Billy in Six Feet Under and the husband in Waitress. He has to more sympathetic as one of the detectives.

    Not my type though. 🙂

    – Veronique

  2. As best I can recall, the first things I saw Jeremy Sisto in were a couple of movies that came out in 1995: a supernatural thriller called Hideaway, in which he played a Satan-worshipping serial killer (another creepy role for him); and the teen comedy Clueless. By an interesting coincidence, both movies also featured Alicia Silverstone (and were probably the first films in which I saw her too). I haven’t seen him in much since, though it’s nice to know he’s still around. It’s always depressing when an actor, or any artist at all for that matter, decides to give it all away in favour of getting a “real” job instead.

  3. jeremy sisto was amazing in six feet under. love him.

    i don’t know about anthony anderson replacing jesse l. martin, though. sigh. jesse was so dreamy.

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