Opening Up

Tristan Taormino has a new book coming out about non-monogamous relationships called Opening Up. I’m actually really excited about it, since so many people have asked me how to manage that kind of change in a relationship, and I’m pleased to have a resource for it, and written by someone who knows.

The book has its own website, designed by the very fabulous & talented Betty, so do go check it out.

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  1. I’m curious, Helen, why have so many people asked you how to manage this kind of change? You’ve made it no secret that you are monogamous.

  2. Because sometimes a partner can handle the gender change, but still wants to have sex with the gender they married (pre-transition). Or the transitioning person discovers a new sexual interest. Or… gender change tends to throw all the cards in the air, & the way they come down might not be especially well-suited for monogamous relationships.

  3. It’s an oldie, but The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt coves some of the same ground….

  4. Ugh, the excerpt made me squirm. This book is supposed to be in support of polyamory? It reads more like it should be called “Opening Up — Why Not To Do It.”

  5. Admittedly poly amory is an anxiety provoking concept. All that aside, each couple makes has their own process and one cannot deny , personal feelings aside that couples may or may not need this safety valve at some point..of course it could make or break the relationship..I got a few stories from my youth. Opiinions abound.

    To each couple their own at their own peril (i am very old fashioned and know how i am in relationship though its been yrs….and no poly amory would defeat my needs..but heavens i do know long LONG term couples who have ground rules (in my world its mostly gay men who manage these dynamics with boundaries they have chosen for their unique relationships.

    Tristan is pioneer, and the web site design IS beautiful.

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