Stop the Democrats

(I thought that might get your attention!)

20 big Clinton donors tried to bully Nancy Pelosi for saying that superdelegates should let the voters decide who becomes the Democratic nominee. This is the worst kind of insider politics, and it has to stop.

Do we really want to elect people who think their money gets to call the presidency, or the guy who managed to raise more money from small donors than anyone ever has before? Hmm, let’s think about that. A lot of money from few sources, vs. a lot of money from many.

Let’s look up that definition of democracy again, shall we?

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One Reply to “Stop the Democrats”

  1. When it was decided that W beat Gore, even though Gore won the popular vote, Hillary was demanding that the electoral college system be scapped as outdated and unfair. It amazes me that she is trying to get the superdelegates to go against the will of the majority. None of the candidates are perfect, yet only one does NOT represent politics as usual. When that call comes at 3 a.m. I want the candidate who will not have to consider how his/her answer will affect the corporations that are pulling the presidents strings.

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