Transgender Sims

The news about Sims 3 is out:

With 98 million games sold around the world in 22 languages, the transgender appeal of the franchise has made The Sims the third best selling game in history, behind Mario and Pokemon.

I’m pretty sure that they didn’t mean transgender in the way we use it around here, but still it’s pretty damn cool. What they meant is that it’s the only game that has sold MORE to female players than male, but without the usual drop-off of sales to the other gender. That is, many games sell most to male with precious few female players, but The Sims franchise has sold to more women than men, and yet sells to more males than most games sell to females.

Got it? It’s a giant cyber dollhouse, really, but they encourage same-sex attractions and no one’s going to yell at you when you want to make your dolls have sex.

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