Gender Studies 101

For your amusement, or edification, I’ve been putting together a list of terms & concepts students of my Intro to Gender Studies class are required to know – for exams & that sort of thing. I thought some of you might want to ‘check in’ to see how many you could define or explain (extra points if you can name the author/article we were teaching the concepts with!):

  • masculinity / femininity
  • LGBT (or GLBT, GLBTI, GLBTIQ, etc.)
  • Intersex
  • Binary
  • hegemony
  • social construction
  • epistemology
  • discursive
  • gender assignment
  • gender identity
  • gender roles
  • gender attribution
  • biological gender / sex
  • one sex model
  • transgender / transsexualism
  • queer theory
  • sexual orientation
  • subtraction studies
  • “listening with”
  • postmodernism
  • deconstruction
  • testosterone / estrogen
  • intersectionality
  • Targeted Discrimination, Compound Discrimination, Structural Subordination, Over Inclusion, Under Inclusion, Misappropriation, Structural-Dynamic Discrimination
  • essentialism
  • Feminism
  • First, Second, Third Waves of Feminism
  • postfeminism
  • Patriarchy
  • ERA
  • butch / femme
  • postcolonialism
  • poststructuralism
  • heterosocial / homosocial power relations
  • methodological approaches
  • standpoint theories
  • paternalism
  • the Arapesh, the Mundugumor, the Tchambali
  • the four themes of masculinity: No Sissy Stuff, The Big Wheel, The Sturdy Oak, Give ‘Em Hell
  • heteronormativity
  • variability
  • “thinking bent”
  • institutionalized heterosexuality
  • Gender Similarites Hypothesis
  • stereotype threat
  • identification / disidentification
  • overprediction / underperformance
  • “wisedom” or “wise” schooling
  • denial of personal disadvantage
  • five ways to enhance diversity: enhance leadership; diversify role models; less silence about discrimination; fairness in selection; educate minorities in “real world” dynamics
  • glass ceiling / glass escalator
  • marriage / civil unions
  • “grandmother hypothesis” / “adaptive menopause”
  • Hadza culture and gender roles
  • “selection effects”
  • four factors that brought about “the love revolution”
  • cissexual / cisgender

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  1. Ok, I give up…what author/article is this list of terms based on? Can you provide definitions with the terms, too?? I thought I was up on my gender terms, but several in the list I have never heard of before, such as “cissexual/cisgender.”

  2. I’m sure you’ve already answered, but I can’t find it. Just curious – what school are you teaching at?

  3. Great list!

    One recent book I’ve read that happens to have some really interesting perspectives as well as useful terms (“co-gendered” is one I really like) is ‘Shamans of the Foye Tree’. I did a review of it in Anthro News.

    I think it’s terrific that you are teaching this course! We just need to get you a full time tenured spot somewhere that pays super! 🙂

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