Marlett v. Kern

It looks like that homophobe Sally Kern is going to have to fight to keep her seat. It’s such a good thing to see when the whole idea of democracy actually works: you don’t like what someone has to say,… Continue Reading


So I’m working on a novel these days. & That’s all I’m saying for now.

Constructing Your “Woman”

Lena Dahlstrom posted a video on the mHB message boards made by the Feminist Majority Foundation called “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” and the women in it reminded me, once again, that I don’t feel femme-y enough in… Continue Reading

Women Bloggers Top 10

Now you can go vote for me, since I made the Top 10. Thanks to all who nominated me!

Brawny Boy

He’s always been Betty’s boy, but sometimes he tolerates me. Just look at that big arm! Fearsome beastie.

FTM Newsletters

If there’s an FTM or an FTM organization out there that would like a bunch of copies of the FTM Newsletter, let me know. The issues I have are #s 38 & 39, 41 & 42, 45 & 46, 48… Continue Reading

Stop the Democrats

(I thought that might get your attention!) 20 big Clinton donors tried to bully Nancy Pelosi for saying that superdelegates should let the voters decide who becomes the Democratic nominee. This is the worst kind of insider politics, and it… Continue Reading

Accepting Change

A partner who calls herself Madame George and who regularly posts on our message boards wrote this piece about growing up in a small town and about how similar that can be to watching your husband transition. I thought it… Continue Reading

The Answer: His Killer

The cover story of this month’s Advocate wants to know who’s to blame for Lawrence King’s murder. Their insinuation is that those who would have advised Lawrence to be open about his sexuality and gender identity are. Bruce Parker at… Continue Reading

Cultural Landmarks

While driving from Wisconsin to New York, we passed a couple of things that struck us as fitting the state/area we found them in perfectly: In Wisconsin: a Bible store right next to a store that sold barstools In the… Continue Reading

Get the Chinese to Talk

The Tibetans have been trying to open a dialogue with the Chinese for forever, but with the international pressure now on them because of a potential boycott of the Olympics if they don’t violently crackdown on Tibetans, there’s a new… Continue Reading


If you want an explanation of the whole subprime mortgage situation check this out. & Yes we’re back. Back in Brooklyn, land of pizza places and churches.

Transgender Sims

The news about Sims 3 is out: With 98 million games sold around the world in 22 languages, the transgender appeal of the franchise has made The Sims the third best selling game in history, behind Mario and Pokemon. I’m… Continue Reading

Leaving WI

Well, we leave Wisconsin today, drive home through Illinois and Ohio and Pennsylvania and whatever other states I’m forgetting, and in a few days we’ll be back in Park Slope. I’m sure I’ll be happy to be home. I hope… Continue Reading

Here’s Your Hat

Apparently Wisconsin wants to make sure I remember how rough the winter is here, and is kicking me out with a fresh coating of snow. (We drive tomorrow.)


Endymion with a catnip cigar he got for Christmas. I had a lot of scratches on my hands by the time he was through.

Being Helen Boyd

So here’s my dirty secret, which I re-realize every time I update my author site, “renaming” myself Helen Boyd for the sake of publication (& some privacy, theoretically) was about the smartest thing I’ve ever done in terms of… Continue Reading

Top Ten Trans Reads

Out Magazine recently put together a really asinine list of transgender books for their transgender issue. I haven’t seen the issue, but the list doesn’t really inspire me to go buy it, either, since Myra Breckinridge is on it. For… Continue Reading

NYC: Trans Partners Meeting

Today, in New York, at the Center. For more info.

Lambda Lit Transgender Finalists

But despite the absence of Whipping Girl, I do want to congratulate the finalists: Transparent, Cris Beam (Harcourt) Male Bodies, Women’s Souls, LeeRay M. Costa, PhD, (Haworth) The Marrow’s Telling, Eli Clare (Homofactus Press) What Becomes You, Aaron Raz Link… Continue Reading