Too Many – Again

Another gay-identified, gender variant teen, Simmie “Chris” Williams, was killed this week. Our thoughts are with Denise King and her family.

I’m amazed that the article focuses on whether or not she was a prostitute and not on the two men who (apparently) killed her. I’m so tired of this switcheroo, this bullshit blame-the-victim crap when it comes to trans people.

What a pretty girl she was.

Too many.

3 Replies to “Too Many – Again”

  1. Unfortunately, I’ve been prone to blaming the victim in situations such as these often enough myself. From my own experiences doing it, however, I’d venture to say it’s not necessarily done for callous or bigoted reasons; instead, there’s this mentality at work of “Well s/he only got robbed, bashed, murdered etc because s/he did this; therefore, if I don’t do that same thing myself, the same fate won’t befall me.” It’s sort of a way of giving oneself the illusion of control over frightening external forces that one, in reality, probably doesn’t have that much control over. Of course, it’s totally fucked up, and ignores the issue of whether one really wants to live in a world where the “penalty” for doing the “wrong” thing is so horrible.

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