He Can Say It

From The Stranger: Obama’s rally in Beaumont today was the highest-energy of this Texas swing, with a crowd that was about three-quarters black cheering at almost every turn. An interesting moment came when he was asked a question about LGBT… Continue Reading

Tragedy After Tragedy

If the killing of Lawrence King wasn’t sad enough, there are too many other stories — all murders of trans POC that took place this year. This article from The Root has a list. And this murder, committed a little… Continue Reading

Do We Hafta NAFTA?

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Both Clintons’ support for NAFTA was why I lost faith with them years ago & started voting for Nader (who, btw, is running again, if anyone still cares) so I’m finding very little sympathy for Clinton… Continue Reading

Butch Borders

My class has expressed a lot of confusion as to where the thin line is between butch & FTM, so I had them watch S. Bear Bergman read “I Know What Butch Is,” the first chapter of hir Butch Is… Continue Reading

The Writing Business

Two things you need to know if you want to be writer. First, from Lewis Black: don’t. Second, from Harlan Ellison: if you must, get paid.

Rhymes with Sangria?

Over the weekend I discovered a fantastic resource – Zagria’s Gender Variant Biographies Blog. What remarkable work! I’ve been scanning the entries for the past year or so, and so far, this one about a photo subject of WeeGee’s is… Continue Reading

Too Many – Again

Another gay-identified, gender variant teen, Simmie “Chris” Williams, was killed this week. Our thoughts are with Denise King and her family. I’m amazed that the article focuses on whether or not she was a prostitute and not on the two… Continue Reading

Trans History Timeline

I’ve been putting together a Trans History Timeline for my Transgender Lives class. The idea was to give them an idea of the events that lead up to the modern Transgender Movement (such as it is). 1910 Magnus Hirschfeld coins… Continue Reading

Smokes With Rabbits

I walk home at dusk, after classes are over for the day, & watch while murders of crows gather in the bare tree branches on my block. Later, at 10PM or so, I go out for a smoke on the… Continue Reading

But Dick Marple Can

Hoo boy, is this guy worried. Pretty soon women’ll want equal pay for equal work, too.


I’ve never had a week go by faster. Betty’s on a plane, already, returning to New York, & so, another month without her begins.


I was once again poking around about how the law may or may not try to define “woman” when it comes to marriage, but instead the only governmental definition I found defines “woman” viz child-bearing. According to the Senate version(s)… Continue Reading

NYC: Trans Partners Meeting

Tomorrow, in New York, at the Center. For more info.

Tonight in Lawrence

Betty and I will be speaking tonight at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. There’s a reception at 6:30PM, with the talk starting at 7PM. The event is open to the public. (Since it’s required that Lawrence students live on campus… Continue Reading


The New Hampshire paper The Nashua Telegraph has been running a series on transgender people which apparently lost the paper some readers. That said, a NH grandma liked the series: I am a heterosexual grandmother, who hopes that my grandchildren… Continue Reading

Too Many

There is a lot on the news about the shootings at NIU that left too many students dead. It’s too sad a story, and sadly familiar as well. But there are two other stories of young people who have died… Continue Reading

Please Subscribe

If you do use our boards – even just to read & lurk – please consider subscribing. It’s not required, but it is helpful for us to offset our costs and time. You can also make a one-shot donation, if… Continue Reading

Barcode This

Aeneas, modeling the latest in butt-wear for the feline set. (He’s so naturally modest.)

Curl Up with a Crossdresser

For Valentine’s Day, I got the lovely news that my story, “Halloween” was mentioned by name when Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Crossdressing anthology was chosen as a ‘spotlight pick’ by AVN. Might be a good book for a lot of you… Continue Reading

Appleton Bound Betty

Betty gets here today!!! … 13 hours & counting… … 4 hours & counting … She’s here!!!