Ivy League Assholes

A bunch of guys who go to Yale took a photo outside of Yale’s Women’s Center with a sign that said “We love Yale sluts.”

& Yes, they did belong to a frat! How did you guess? I was so surprised by that. Can the Yale administrators kick them out of school for being a redundant parody of themselves? I hope so. I’m more offended by how lame an idea this was than by the sentiment, even.

I’ve spoken at the Women’s Center at Yale, for Trans Awareness Week, four times in fact, and it’s an understated little office with a few old couches, the kind of place where if a male student had wanted to have a discussion about the use of the word “slut” as a positive term for a sexually-liberated women, they probably would have let him.

IvyGate has provided a higher-res version of the photo, presumably so women know which assholes not to date, though I’m sure there’s a third-waver out there who will end up dating one of these morons while taking issue with the Women’s Center suing Zeta Psi for sexual harassment.

(via Feministing.)

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  1. Oh yeah…sadly, I think there’s plenty of women that would date one of these knuckle-scrapers way before they’d date, for instance, a *gasp!* crossdresser.

  2. [Insert Yale joke here]

    I noticed that there is a Dartmouth collection. Why did I have a feeling Beta Theta Pi (aka the original Animal House) would be mentioned, but that’s another topic all to itself.

    What a bunch of pigs…and granddaddy Bush’s fraternity? It figures!

  3. how about we just think up a word for male promiscuity, which i know is difficult but should be worth the effort. anyway, what’s wrong with sluts? i myself am a proud slut. suing generally gets you nowhere. i’m big on reclaiming words to remove their sting, the way mary daly did with witch, crone, etc. the best thing is to laugh at these fools. i know, how about “baller.” for male promiscuity, i mean. yes, that’s it. i’m coining it right now. ballers & sluts rule. if i went to yale, i’d print up t-shirts with those two words on them.

  4. They might as well have been holding a sign that said “We are Yale douchebags.”
    (Feel free to analyze the sexist connotations of the term “douchebag.”)

    In my experience, at the institutional level, Yale tries to address diversity and tolerance in lots of ways but, somehow, it doesn’t really filter down to the assholes and bigots.

  5. It would be one thing if this happened outside of a feminist lecture, a feminist concert or a convention of women’s rights supporters. I could easily defend this as “free speech” and worthy of protection. I find it despicable however that this kind of thing happened outside of a rape crisis center. To expose an abused woman to such nonsense either shows incredible ignorance, or an amazing lack of empathy, compassion or concern. What’s even more amazing is that Yale tolerates the fact that these characters are part and parcel of the public image that Yale presents to the outside world. Does Yale really suggest that these people are worthy of a Yale degree? I certainly wouldn’t want a single one of them as a boss, co-worker, or client. They’re a disgrace under every circumstance, and Yale’s silence makes the university complicit in the action.

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