‘Nipply’ Is An Understatement

Today it’s supposed to be -12 degrees F here in Appleton. The high? 1 degree.

Sunday it’ll be between 3 degrees and -4 degrees F.

Monday? Between 11 degrees and 0.

& It just keeps snowing.

They told me I arrived during a warm streak. Apparently. Who knew freezing could be “warm,” relatively speaking?

But I love it, I have to admit.

9 Replies to “‘Nipply’ Is An Understatement”

  1. That’s terrible, Helen, just terrible, but I know how it is. Yesterday, for instance, in San Luis Obispo, it got so darned cold I had to put on a windbreaker. Horrible. 🙂

    Back in Appleton soon, though, and will be enjoying normal temperatures.

  2. Glad to hear you still like it here in Wisconsin. How much snow did you get in Appleton? We received almost 4″ where I live. I even had to yell at the snow plow man to get out here and plow, our little cars couldn’t get out of the driveway and I had to put my truck into 4wheel drive just to be able to go to the grocery.
    Stay warm, see ya Tuesday.

  3. Sorry to say it, but they’re kidding you. Right now, the midwest in a cold snap. This is probably the coldest it’s been all year.

  4. It’s even colder here in Minneapolis – it was -14F this morning, with a windchill so low that I’m not entirely sure it’s a real number. Brrrrr!

    *pines for highs above zero*

  5. Wow, makes it seem downright balmy here in Indiana – it’s only down to zero as I write this 🙂

  6. Hey Helen welcome to the upper midwest….ha!!! My partner Lisa and I would like to invite you to Chicago anytime you have free some week-end while your near the windy city. Let us know.
    Kelly and Lisa

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