‘Nipply’ Is An Understatement

Posted by – January 19, 2008

Today it’s supposed to be -12 degrees F here in Appleton. The high? 1 degree.

Sunday it’ll be between 3 degrees and -4 degrees F.

Monday? Between 11 degrees and 0.

& It just keeps snowing.

They told me I arrived during a warm streak. Apparently. Who knew freezing could be “warm,” relatively speaking?

But I love it, I have to admit.

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  1. lynnew says:

    That’s terrible, Helen, just terrible, but I know how it is. Yesterday, for instance, in San Luis Obispo, it got so darned cold I had to put on a windbreaker. Horrible. :-)

    Back in Appleton soon, though, and will be enjoying normal temperatures.

  2. Susie G says:

    Glad to hear you still like it here in Wisconsin. How much snow did you get in Appleton? We received almost 4″ where I live. I even had to yell at the snow plow man to get out here and plow, our little cars couldn’t get out of the driveway and I had to put my truck into 4wheel drive just to be able to go to the grocery.
    Stay warm, see ya Tuesday.

  3. Leah B says:

    Sorry to say it, but they’re kidding you. Right now, the midwest in a cold snap. This is probably the coldest it’s been all year.

  4. April says:

    It’s even colder here in Minneapolis – it was -14F this morning, with a windchill so low that I’m not entirely sure it’s a real number. Brrrrr!

    *pines for highs above zero*

  5. nmonster says:

    Wow, makes it seem downright balmy here in Indiana – it’s only down to zero as I write this :)

  6. Donna says:

    Wait a second, Helen. Didn’t you mean “Nippy”?


  7. kellygirl says:

    Hey Helen welcome to the upper midwest….ha!!! My partner Lisa and I would like to invite you to Chicago anytime you have free some week-end while your near the windy city. Let us know.
    Kelly and Lisa

  8. Donna says:

    Ha. I was wondering.

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