Fighting Bob

I read a bunch about the Bread & Roses Strike when I was living up near Lawrence, so I figure I should poke around Wisconsin’s history and what do I find but this quote: “The purpose of this ridiculous campaign… Continue Reading

Today’s Lesson: Intersectionality

We’re covering this in GEST 100 tomorrow, and I think it’s always the kind of piece that’s worth re-reading: Sojourner Truth (1797-1883): Ain’t I A Woman? Delivered 1851, Women’s Convention, Akron, Ohio Well, children, where there is so much racket… Continue Reading

& Another Shocker

It’s snowing again in Wisconsin!

Now, NOW

What a fracas: NOW-NY issued a press release yesterday roasting Ted Kennedy for endorsing Obama, and did so with some of the most extravagant language I’ve read in a while. “Betrayal” seems a little much, but “ultimate betrayal”? Yikes. But… Continue Reading

He’s Going

Tonight is Dubya’s last State of the Union Address! How exciting is that?! It means the MF is NOT GOING TO BE PRESIDENT eventually, that the nightmare will end.

Ivy League Assholes

A bunch of guys who go to Yale took a photo outside of Yale’s Women’s Center with a sign that said “We love Yale sluts.” & Yes, they did belong to a frat! How did you guess? I was so… Continue Reading


I said I’d catch people up on how it’s been for me here in snowy Appleton, WI since Betty left on the 10th – more than two weeks ago. Mostly, I’ve been busy teaching. I’m somewhat convinced I do more… Continue Reading

It’s My Cat in a Box

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But it is, big Endymion, in his favorite box.

17 Degrees

I just found myself getting excited that it’s going to be a whopping 17 degrees here tomorrow. How pathetic is that?

CEO & Cinderella

Our friend Angela Madden is opening a play she wrote – and performs in – tonight at the Connelly Theatre. It’s called C.E.O. & Cinderella. We got to see it before I left for Wisconsin, and I’m glad I did.… Continue Reading

Blog for Choice Day

This year, the organizers of Blog for Choice have asked us all why we vote pro-Choice. I grew up Catholic, as many know, & my first opinion on abortion – once I realized I should have one – was to… Continue Reading

Lawrence Lecture

I’ll be speaking at Lawrence University on Monday, February 18th, at 7PM, in 102 Science. Mark your calendars. Betty will be with me.


Godddamn if it isn’t snowing still / more / again.

NH DMV Petition

There are people up in New Hampshire trying to convince the DMV to change their surgery requirement for gender marker change on licenses. In order to show how much support there would be for such changes, they’ve started an online… Continue Reading

‘Nipply’ Is An Understatement

Today it’s supposed to be -12 degrees F here in Appleton. The high? 1 degree. Sunday it’ll be between 3 degrees and -4 degrees F. Monday? Between 11 degrees and 0. & It just keeps snowing. They told me I… Continue Reading


I still have moments of looking at the LGBT bookshelves in bookstores feeling sheepish – sometimes because I feel like I’m not “queer enough” to be doing so, or because people are clocking me as queer, that you must be… Continue Reading

Tristan Does 200

Congratulations to Tristan Taormino on her 200th “Pucker Up” column for The Village Voice. She’s been writing that column since 1999, and even mentions the column about The Queer Heterosexual that I cited in My Husband Betty. (She also wrote… Continue Reading

Yo! Yo says hi.

I’ve never much liked “zie” and “hir,” but it seems there’s a whole new way to go about the gender-neutral pronoun: yo. As in, “Yo likes cookies, genderfucking, and B-movies.” Works for me. (via Feministing.)

Please Subscribe

If you do use our boards – even just to read & lurk – please consider subscribing. It’s not required, but it is helpful for us to offset our costs and time. You can also make a one-shot donation, if… Continue Reading

Thanks, Seal

Seal Press rocks so hard it’s ridiculous. Not only has word come that the first reprint of My Husband Betty has come out with Seal’s imprint, but they’ve apologized for the situation that lead to me being left off the… Continue Reading